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Systemic Theology: A New Branch of Theology

Contact: Andrew Sears, 617-282-9798 ext 101

MEDIA ADVISORY, Aug. 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- In a world dominated by complex systems, traditional theology needs to adapt to provide a Christian framework for making sense of these complexities. TechMission is a ministry that is proposing a new branch of theology called Systemic Theology to address this need. To help facilitate the development of this new branch of theology, Andrew Sears, the Executive Director of TechMission, recently published a webcast presentation called "An Introduction to Systemic Theology" available at: www.urbanministry.org/systemic-theology.

Systemic Theology provides a systems perspective for understanding God and the world. In the same way that science has developed systems theory to understand the world's complexities, Systemic Theology is a spiritual response to these issues. Systemic Theology includes all knowledge, recognizing that all truth is God's truth and avoiding a false separation of the spiritual and the natural. (Systemic Theology should not be confused with Systematic Theology, which is the term used to describe a complete, analytical approach to theology, often as a college course). Some of the topics covered in this presentation on Systemic Theology include:

  • Understanding systemic causes and solutions to complex problems like addiction, terrorism, climate change, the spread of pornography and cultural decline.
  • How the "the butterfly effect" applies to spiritual movements like revivals and religiously-led social movements like abolitionism and the civil rights movement. 
  • Understanding how science is now proving its own limits through chaos theory. 
  • Providing a framework for how God impacts systems and how to understand demons from a systemic perspective.
  • Reconciling science and faith by providing an integrated worldview that ties together disparate systems and fields like science, the humanities, social sciences, cultural studies, the supernatural and God.
  • How we can create systems to promote spiritual growth.

The ultimate vision is that a fully-developed Systemic Theology would encompass all forms of knowledge that can be used to promote growth (since all truth is God's truth). The goal of TechMission is to develop Systemic Theology by hosting a "Wikipedia" with every possible topic that might promote spiritual growth starting with the 50,000 articles in its website www.urbanministry.org. In addition, TechMission is also working to enable Christians to practice Systemic Theology with the vision of enabling every Christian globally to be connected with the areas of greatest needs in the world in ways that matched their gifts. Toward that end TechMission has developed a directory of over 5,500 volunteer opportunities through www.ChristianVolunteering.org.