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U.S. Soldiers to Receive Free Christian T-Shirts

Contact: Tim Stine, 937-242-7182


DAYTON, Ohio, May 8 /Christian Newswire/ -- Wear the Message, Inc has launched a new program titled "Sponsor-A-Shirt for a Soldier." US Soldiers will receive free Christian T-shirts through the generous donations from Christian business owners and the Christian community. Boxes of Christian T-shirts will be shipped to military chaplains in Iraq, Afghanistan, as well as to other US Military bases, for distribution to the soldiers.


This program was birthed from a small idea of "how can we touch the lives of our US Military?" Richard Dillman, a charter sponsor of this program and president of Family Life Resources, (Tampa, Florida) stated, "We wanted to let the men and women of our US military know that we were behind them, thinking about them, and praying for them by blessing them with a gift. Since the average age of a soldier is early to mid twenty's, we wanted to speak in their language. Sending them a bible is nice but putting Christ's message on a T-shirt and sending it to them is powerful... it speaks their language."


As members of the world's premier fighting force, US soldiers sacrifice for their country on a daily basis. Military life places extreme hardships on these soldiers and Wear the Message, in partnering with the Christian community, is helping to remind them that God is in charge and that Christ's message is still alive today. Tim Stine, president of Wear The Message, Inc. stated that "These shirts will be distributed by military chaplains to US Soldiers who are in need of comforting, blessing, and even a way to share their faith with their fellow soldiers."


Sponsor-A-Shirt for a Soldier is a valuable resource for our military chaplains within the units that they serve. For more information, please contact Tim Stine at 937/242-7182 or visit Wear The Message's website www.wearthemessage.com  


Wear The Message, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry dedicated to advancing the Christian message by wearing it. We want to encourage the Christian community to be Ambassadors for Christ, spreading His message... one T-shirt at a time.