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Pastor Bent (Benjamin) Altschul of Great Among the Nations Ministries, Hosts 'In His Presence' Prophecy Seminars in Paris, France
"Pastor Altschul provided essential education that blessed us abundantly," said Pastor Andre Raoilison, of Community Christian Church du Point du Jour. "Europe desperately needs this visitation of the Spirit of the living God, …we needed to rediscover the living Christ of the Bible."

Contact: GATN, 310-338-1021

PARIS, Nov. 24, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- The conference center was packed, every seat and isle were full. Pastor Altschul's presentation expounded with Biblical foundations on the impact of Gods appointed feasts, beginning at the Passover through to the Rapture of the Church and what lies beyond. The conclusion of the church age, its purpose and mission, were outlined alongside historic and prophetic milestones of the Hebrew nation. Participants heard why the church of Laodicea, at the lowest point in history, was offered a worldwide invitation to the Wedding as illustrated in Matthew 25.

Pastor Altschul displayed an artists' rendition of the inside of a church that was interrupted by the Rapture, and the moments of reality immediately after. An awkward hush swept through the convention center as participants dared to imagine what would be left on earth after God takes home His bride. And just as profound, a personal and serious message flowed through each person's heart as Pastor Altschul laid out Matthew 7:8. He explained the serious and intimate relationship we have with Jesus, "it's not a church experience… it's a real life experience."

According to Altschul, "We live in the end-time of the church age… it affects both Jew and Gentile. It is a time the church prepares herself, there's a hunger, a consciousness, a joy and the hope expressed by Apostle Paul. Throughout many conferences across Europe and in the USA, we have begun to recognize this transition as the church prepares herself to meet her bridegroom." The conference culminated with a personal heartfelt desire for the oil of the Holy Spirit.

About Pastor Bent Altschul:
Benjamin Altschul is lead pastor of Great Among the Nations (GATN). This unique California ministry supports, inspires and nourishes other pastors and ministries in growing their own assemblies. As a Holocaust survivor, raised without family, inheritance or tradition, he received a remarkable calling of God, developing intimate knowledge of the Word. Often noted for his soft spoken humility, affability, honesty and faith, he immigrated to America turning $100 dollars into millions as a college textbook publisher. In addition to a passion for helping and healing the hurts of others he dedicated his life to hold Christian Leadership Conferences nationally and abroad. For further information visit: