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Sustaining Democracy without Morality: A Lesson in Futility

50 years of gradually failing morality is taking a toll on American policies at home and aboard

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PHOENIX, Az., Nov. 1, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- "The Judeo-Christian tradition contained in the Bible is absolutely essential to the welfare of democratic society," explains Darrell Ahrens.  From free trade policies to moral values that maintain a sound society, redefining values to fit our lifestyle is a slippery slope. "There are no true ethics apart from theology" and without moral coherency we become a nation controlled by the loudest voices and most powerful special interest groups.

Missing from the national debate have been issues that are close to the heart of God. Moral and ethical issues, primarily abortion and gay marriage, now divide the nation. Even many Christian churches are mired in a seeker-sensitive mindset that precludes moral judgment and reinforces the preeminent postmodern value of tolerance.

Ahrens is the author of Divine Love, Divine Intolerance and former fighter pilot and pastor. "It is not possible to export or sustain democracy without a moral basis. We cannot trade fairly with people who refuse to play by the same rules." Democracy without morality leads to anarchy and corruption.  America is also weaker than it was 50 years ago says Ahrens. This weakness comes from the fact we no longer know exactly what we believe in. "We talk a good talk about Christian values and freedom but our policies, corporate, and personal lives don't match our rhetoric."

"It is notable," observes Ahrens, "our top Ivy League schools and 106 of the first 108 schools in America were founded on the Christian faith." Most of these same schools have become bastions of secularism and exporters of values that are hostile to our founding principles. We are now experiencing the natural consequences of an educational system turning aside from our Christian heritage.  "It's not about education," says Ahrens, "it's about biblical illiteracy."

George Washington said, "Without religion, morality has no roots." The religion Washington was talking about is Christianity. "It is not the culture that is to shape the church," says Ahrens, "it is the church that is to shape the culture. The present administration is far more interested in catering to radicals and the Hollywood elite than in adhering to the values and vision the nation's Founders emphasized."