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Mysterious Visions of Man in White Draw Muslims to Christ

New Book Gives First-Hand Accounts

Contact: Ali Abdel-Masih,

MEDIA ADVISORY, July 13, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Since 911, tension and distrust of Muslims in the U.S. is high. Many Christians struggle with negative feelings toward Muslims in spite of a desire to show God's love to their neighbors. A new eye-opening book that chronicles a supernatural move of God among Muslims could turn that tide.

Out of Darkness Into Light, tells the first-person accounts of Muslims coming to Christ through visions, dreams and miracles. This book is a gripping collection of true stories. Easy-to-read and inspiring, it offers a rare view into the life and culture of men and women growing up in Islam, and the supernatural encounters they had with Jesus. It is a must-read for Christians who desire to minister to Muslims and for those who recognize their own heart does not reflect God's love toward Muslims.

Author Ali Abdel-Masih (a pseudonym meaning "believer in the Messiah") was a strong Muslim himself. He even wanted to evangelize Christians. One day, Abdel-Masih was alone in the house and a presence filled the room.

"The Holy Spirit fell on me," he recounts. "I knew Jesus was standing in the room with me and that He was the Son of God." To believe that meant that Abdel-Masih was not a Muslim - and he realized he no longer was. Jesus had changed him. Nothing less could have broken his fierce loyalty to Islam, he says.

Abdel-Masih later worked as a missionary to Muslims in the Middle East. He heard many stories similar to his own of supernatural visions or dreams. At great risk to his life, for more than 15 years he helped others there come to know the Man in white. Now, he is a frequent guest on television and radio talk shows, sharing God's heart for work among Muslims.

Out of Darkness Into Light is a book for both Muslims and Christians. Muslims will relate to the nuances - and questions - of life within Islam that each testimony describes. Many will have already heard of the visions without understanding what they mean. This book will help bridge those stories to the truth of the gospel. Christians will see powerful examples of God's heart for Muslims and their openness to the gospel. This book may be the most effective tool your ministry can use in outreach to Muslims.

For bulk copies, review copies, or interviews, contact Ali Abdel-Masih (714) 334-9117, outofdarknessintolight@yahoo.com.