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Coping with Grief, Honoring a Loved One, and Reconciling the Past

Contact: Robyn Williams, WinePress Publishing, 360-802-9758, robyn@winepresspublishing.com

ENUMCLAW, Wash., Jan. 9, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Any loving husband would go to great lengths to defend his wife's reputation, but what if there were things she did not tell him? What if her actions reverberated beyond her death to devastate her family? Rev. Rich Rockwood's new novel, "Memory Theft", tells the story of a man overwhelmed by heartache and fear; a man who strives to defend the memory of his wife and learns something about himself in the process.

In the midst of struggling with near crippling grief, John Jergun was faced with surprising and disturbing information. A few short weeks after his wife Rita's death, he began receiving threatening letters and phone calls regarding her large, unpaid gambling debt -- almost $100,000. All at once, he was stunned with disbelief, unsure he could prove her innocence, and apprehensive about the future if he was ordered to pay this immense sum. In this journey to clear his wife's name, John encounters devious financial fraud, health and spiritual crises, and details of Rita's life of which he had no knowledge. It would be an intensely difficult, but eternally rewarding trip.

Portions of "Memory Theft" are somewhat autobiographical for Rev. Rockwood. Just before retiring from twenty years of ministering to people struggling with fatal illness and death, Rev. Rockwood's wife died from a brain aneurysm while playing Bridge. He learned firsthand the impact that grief has on daily life, normal decision-making, and plans for the future. He has now retired to Michigan where he recently re-married and is developing an emerging writing career.

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