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Steele Joins Ranks with Those Choosing Political Expediency Over Principles

Contact: Eric M. Wallace, 708-675-9669; www.wallaceforillinois.com

MEDIA ADVISORY, Aug. 26 /Christian Newswire/ -- Following a disturbing trend of blatant disregard for the American electoral process; we learned Tuesday morning that RNC Chairman, Michael Steele, chose to insert himself into the Illinois primary by endorsing Mark Kirk for US Senate. While regrettable, we now add the RNC to an ever-growing list of those including the Illinois GOP, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) and others, who have already decided for political expediency over principles.

I believe I speak for many Illinoisans when I say that we are tired of "pay to play" or what is sometimes referred to as the "Chicago way". We are not looking for so-called “leaders” from the Republican Party to decide who will represent us as our next senator--or any other elected official, for that matter. This is not Soviet Russia. The rank and file citizens of Illinois, and of this great nation, have a right to a real primary where the people, not politicians, chose who represents them. We believe, the next US Senator should be voted of the people, by the people, and for the people--and not simply the result of a quorum of bureaucrats who's most compelling criterion is a candidate's bank account or the lure of personal gain.

Decisions based on money and/or clout is what has gotten our State in the mess we're in now. Or, have we so soon forgotten Ryan, Blagojevich, and Burris? The list goes on ad infinitum.

Clearly, Republican leadership has not learned its lesson. In response, to our fight against arguably the most liberal President and Congress in our nation's history--they've picked the most liberal Congressman from IL to represent our Party's conservative values. In effect, they've not only endorsed one of eight Republicans who voted for cap and trade; but themselves are contributing to the erosion of the planks of the Republican Party platform, both state and national. Mark Kirk, for all practical purpose, is a Republican in Name Only (RINO).

But here's some news for Republican Party leadership. The Illinois GOP rank and file is assembling itself with voters who are adamant about principles; and who are sick and tired of the "Chicago way" of doing things. This Senate race in Illinois will be a defining moment for the future of our party, both national and statewide. Undoubtedly, the RNC, IL GOP and the NRSC will find themselves on the wrong side of history from an angry voter's movement determined to change the course of the Party--and the future of our nation.