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ServiceU Announces EventU Green(tm) Compatibility with NiagaraAX

Churches Using NiagaraAX to Run Their HVAC System Can Automatically Manage Room Scheduling and HVAC with EventU Green

Contact: Lauren Hunter, 916-838-2184, lauren@laurenhunter.net

MEDIA ADVISORY, April 7 /Christian Newswire/ -- ServiceU Corporation (www.ServiceU.com) announces compatibility with NiagraAX, Tridium's next generation Niagara Framework® software that will allow EventU Green to integrate with more churches' heating and cooling systems.

"By integrating with NiagaraAX, EventU Green will be able to work with hundreds of churches that are already using this platform to control their HVAC systems," says Tim Whitehorn, president and CEO of ServiceU. "We are very excited that this integration will allow more churches to take advantage of the 10-20% or more energy savings that EventU Green has demonstrated."

EventU Green™ (www.eventugreen.com), an add-on component to ServiceU's EventU™ event management tool, allows churches to automatically coordinate heating and air conditioning based on the church's event schedule.

"One of the most important benefits of EventU Green is that it allows church staff members to manage room and facility scheduling AND the temperature controls in one easy to use calendaring system," continues Whitehorn. "In addition to energy savings, EventU Green reduces the labor required to 'turn on and off' the HVAC for various church events and helps reduce costly temperature swings."

To learn more about how EventU Green can work with your church's NiagaraAX HVAC system, contact ServiceU at (866) 709-7426. Or, visit us online at www.EventUGreen.com.  

About NiagaraAX
NiagaraAX's (
www.niagaraax.com) open, Java-based framework creates a common environment that connects to almost any embedded device imaginable, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol. The system then models the data and behavior of the devices into normalized software components, providing a seamless, uniform view to the enterprise via a wide variety of XML-based enterprise connectivity options and open API's. NiagaraAX reduces development time by merging automation, IT and Internet technologies in a single solution.

About EventU Green™
EventU Green interfaces with a building's HVAC system to cool or heat rooms to the perfect temperature for every event and thereby cut down on energy used when not needed. It turns the system on in time to reach the right temperature before the event starts--and it turns the system off automatically when the event is over. EventU Green integrates directly with EventU, so that event schedules and room temperatures are managed from within the same calendar system. When an event is scheduled, temperature controls are set up at the same time, ensuring that everything will be taken care of automatically.

About ServiceU Corporation
Since 1999, ServiceU Corporation has been the trusted solution for providing software that helps churches, schools and nonprofits simplify and automate administrative processes by moving them online. ServiceU’s core product line includes: EventU™ for event, resource, and facility management through web-based calendar scheduling software; EventU Green™ is an add-on to EventU that automates facility heating and cooling (HVAC) online based on a facility's events schedule; TransactU™ provides secure online donation, payment, and event registration tools; TicketU™ provides online ticket sales, box office management, and theater software.