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New Book, 'Not A Mistake, Parents' Hope for their Gay Son,' is a Compassionate, Resource for Parents, Family, and Friends of Loved Who Identity as Gay

In his first book, Pastor Jim Domen writes of his personal journey of growing up in a Christian home and living as a gay man before rediscovering his identity in Christ and leaving the homosexual lifestyle behind.

Church United
May 3, 2022

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., May 3, 2022 /Christian Newswire/-- Jim Domen was living the good life until he wasn't. He and his partner, a man he calls R, co-owned a chic art gallery in Palm Springs, Calif. Though same-sex marriage was not yet legal, they each boasted wedding rings. Partners at work—and home. Soon, the relationship, fueled by R's addiction to alcohol and weed, dissolved.

"I plopped down on the floor and stared up at the vaulted ceiling," Jim writes in Not A Mistake, Parents' Hope for their Gay Son. "I had no belongings, no electricity, no air conditioning, and no money. It was June 8, 2002, and in the summer in Palm Springs, it's hotter than you can imagine. As I lay there with beads of sweat dripping from my forehead, I looked up, and the only words that came to mind were, 'God, I’m yours again.'"

Not A Mistake, Parents' Hope for their Gay Son, with a Forward by noted author and Christian Apologetics Professor Sean McDowell, chronicles Domen's journey growing up with same-sex attraction, his parents' response when he "came out," his prodigal return, and his ongoing struggles as he leads his wife, his children, and his ministry to serve Christ Jesus.

Pastor Jim is available for interviews and can speak to common questions of parents:

  • Where did we go wrong?
  • Is my son a mistake?
  • How do I love my child well?
  • Is there hope?
  • Where can I find help?
  • How do I support my child without compromising Scripture? 

The deeply reflective Not A Mistake, Parents' Hope for their Gay Son, to be translated in 12 languages, provides an essential biblically based resource for parents, family, and friends of loved ones with same-sex attraction. Jim addresses all of the central questions, from using preferred pronouns to attending gay weddings and parenting children who identify as LGBTQ. Not A Mistake, Parents' Hope for their Gay Son also includes stories of many others who grapple with same-sex attraction.

Domen, who with wife, Amanda, has three children, is the founder of the national ministry, Church United, which has a network of more than 2,000 pastors in eight states. The ministry equips and empowers pastors to become engaged in culture and public policy. See more of the Domen's story at JimDomen.com. Additional copies of Not A Mistake, Parents' Hope for their Gay Son are available at NotAMistake.com.

SOURCE Church United

CONTACT: Connie Inggs, Connie@notamistake.com