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Traditional Marriage Initiative Makes Gains with Young Voters

Contact: Trish Teves, Yes on 8 -- iProtectMarriage.com, 858-405-4385, Trish@iprotectmarriage.com

CALIFORNIA, Oct. 10 /Christian Newswire/ -- In what some may consider a surprising turn of events, Yes on 8 is gaining ground among young voters according to a poll conducted over the weekend by SurveyUSA on behalf of four California television stations. The poll shows a sharp uptick in support for Proposition 8, with 47% for Yes, 42% for No, and 10% undecided. The new poll shows some of the strongest support among young voters, those aged 18 to 34, a group that previous polls had shown to favor same-sex marriage. The subsample of voters between 18 and 34 support Prop. 8 by a considerably larger margin of 53% to 39%.

"Although the polling results might change some, we're glad to see those numbers. Young people are a vital part of the effort to protect traditional marriage," said Yes on 8 Co-Campaign Manager Frank Schubert. "People of all ages are recognizing the serious negative consequences if Prop. 8 fails."

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Expressing concerns about the consequences to education if Prop. 8 fails, the student council of the largest community college in California has voted to back the initiative. By an 8-3 vote with three abstentions, the American River College student council voted to support Prop. 8. Opponents of Prop. 8 cursed, shouted, and tried to intimidate the student council in the lawful execution of their student government rights and responsibilities. But the council sent a strong message that the values and free expression of those supporting Prop. 8 will not be intimidated by intolerant opponents.

According to the Sacramento Bee, student council member Viktor Choban, 25, said he voted his conscience. "This resolution has everything to do with education because it affects all the public schools and colleges," the Bee quoted Choban as saying. "If Proposition 8 fails, schools will absolutely be required to teach that gay marriage is equal to normal marriage, thereby confusing students and children about the most basic rules of men and women in society."

Choban was cursed and shouted at by some of the 200 students in the audience when he told his fellow councilmembers, "don't be intimidated." The Bee quoted Choban as saying of Prop. 8 opponents, "They're the aggressors. They won't tolerate my opinions."

* * *

Tapping into the surge of interest in the election among young voters, Prop. 8 supporters have launched iProtectMarriage.com, a new website designed to educate and motivate young people about Prop. 8. iProtectMarriage.com is geared toward teenagers and young adults from both secular and faith backgrounds, from Christian to Jewish, Mormon to Muslim.

Making it clear that the campaign is not against anyone, the site provides information in key areas: civil rights, kids, churches, education, public health, faith, and society, showing that Prop. 8 is about much more than marriage alone. It also shows how young people can take action for Prop. 8.

Working in partnership with the statewide campaign of Yes on 8-ProtectMarriage.com, iProtectMarriage.com also directs users to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and BlueChowder, encouraging young people to register to vote, get informed about Prop. 8, and tell their friends to vote Yes on 8.