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Low-cost MegaVoice Story Teller III Unveiled at International Orality Network Conference

Contact: Charles Cibene, CEO, MegaVoice, 800-219-1758, info@megavoice.com 

DENVER, Sept. 19, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- MegaVoice has unveiled its upgraded digital audio player, the Story Teller III at the 10th annual International Orality Network (ION) conference in Denver, Colorado.  

The solar-powered Story Teller III holds up to ten hours of audio content and is ideal for sending Bible stories, Scriptures and/or humanitarian messages to hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of oral learners. A single button about the size of a US quarter, and slightly-raised navigational surfaces makes using the Story Teller III easy for people who are blind, visually impaired or elderly.

"The Story Teller was designed to be low-cost, lightweight and easily loadable. These features make it ideal for those doing Bible storying, evangelism or community outreach," said MegaVoice CEO, Charles Cibene. "Ministries listening to the new player at the ION conference are telling us that the audio quality on the Story Teller III, including the music, is rich and clear."

And loading tamperproof audio content onto a solar player has never been easier. Simply use a PC to organize the Story Teller III audio, then drag and drop MP3, WMA, or WAV files to the player using MegaVoice ST software and special USB cable.

The MegaVoice Story Teller III is easy for non-readers to because its intuitive, single-button-navigation system eliminates the need for digital screens such as those found on MP3 players or cell phones.

Unlike messages stored on commercially available MP3 audio players, content on the Story Teller III is tamperproof -- meaning that end users cannot erase or modify MegaVoice messages. Tamperproof content is an important security feature for those committed to maintaining the integrity of Scripture.

Ministries using the Story Teller III can use their own ministry audio content, and they can also supplement their messages with Scripture-based titles from MegaVoice. Thousands of languages and titles are available through the MegaVoice Audio Library. Preview audio clips:  MegaVoice.com/search

MegaVoice and partnering ministries are working to help fulfill the Great Commission using solar-powered, digital audio players to reach more than 3.5 billion non-readers with God's life-giving Word.

The Story Teller III is available through the world-wide network of MegaVoice Media Centers.  MegaVoice.com/media_centers.html

More on the Story Teller III : megavoice.com/US_storyteller_email.pdf