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Make a Fool of Others Today -- Or Be a Fool Yourself? Compelling Coming of Age Novel Challenges Christians to Be Fools for Christ to Bring Unity in the Church: Releases Today April 1
Contact: Joni Sullivan Baker, 513-319-3231
ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla., April 1, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Across many cultures and many centuries, people have marked April 1 by making a fool of others. But others across many cultures and centuries have been challenged by this question: Are you ready yourself to be a fool -- a "fool for Christ"-- to witness to the world?
In his new book releasing today, HOLY FOOL HOLY FATHER, novelist Nick Marziani explores the ancient idea of fools for Christ, people the rest of the world doesn't understand, people who are willing make sacrifices others find extreme, even foolish.
"Over the centuries, men and women who were sold out to Christ and didn't care what other people thought were considered fools, but accomplished great things for God. But to be a fool for Christ ourselves – are we willing to do that?" Marziani asks.
"Most of us like our respected positions and argue for our witness being seen to be pure," he continues. "But the Bible teaches that the 'foolishness' of God is wiser than the 'wisdom' of men."
In HOLY FOOL HOLY FATHER, Nick Marziani explores these ideas wrapped inside a fast-paced novel set primarily in Russia, but starting in a Kazakhstan village so small it has no name. He introduces us to the endearing faith and commitment of a gifted young man named Misha who is mentored by his Russian Orthodox Church leader in their tiny village until he's called to take bigger steps into the wider world. By the time the novel ends, Misha has fallen in love, become a scientist, and moved to Rome, then ends up the man of the hour when a cataclysmic dystopian event threatens modern technological life worldwide.
And that's only part of Misha's story.
The thought-provoking novel ends with unanswered questions, but heightens our awareness of larger issues in the world and church.
Author Marziani has some unique credentials that inform his understanding. He's Father Marziani, a Roman Catholic priest, but a former Episcopalian priest who came to Christ through the witness of Messianic Jews.
Marziani earlier trained as a scientist and electrical engineer, and taught high school and college. He became an Episcopalian priest after receiving a doctor of ministry degree, later became a Catholic priest when the opportunity became available. He serves at St. James Catholic Church in St. Augustine, Florida. The married father of three and grandfather of seven, he embraces unity of the faith and believes strongly that difficult days are ahead but the church has a powerful role to play and must move past sectarian differences.
He believes Christ can't return until we have unity, not just across denominational lines, but worldwide including Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches.
Marziani challenges the church to reach out across wide divides separating Christ's followers and to be willing to be fools for Christ.
He points, in fact, to the recent meeting when Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill, leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, met in Cuba.
"The stunning thing about this meeting," Marziani explained, "is that it was the first time in a thousand years the leaders of these two branches of the church met face to face."
He sees this meeting as a move toward restoring fellowship, a stated goal of Pope Francis.
But those thoughts are the back story to a delightful novel about life, love, serving God, and thinking bigger about the world and our place in it.
HOLY FOOL HOLY FATHER [ISBN 978-1-942587-28-6] released April 1, from Carpenter's Son Publishing. Available from Amazon and other online retailers, and selected book stores. Learn more at www.holyfoolholyfatherthenovel.com.