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Rabbi Riskin: 'Killing Innocents in the Name of God is Mono-Satanism'

Contact: CJCUC Media Division, 516-882-3220

NEW YORK, July 18, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, shocked by the terrorist attack in Bulgaria today, expressed his heart-felt prayers to God to send strength and comfort for those who suffered losses and to send a speedy recovery for those who suffered injuries.

While innocent tourists were targeted in Bulgaria by a suicide bomber in the name of religion, CJCUC (Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation) -- an Ohr Torah Stone institution -- is working diligently for Peace and Understanding in the name of religion. Specifically, the director of CJCUC, Mr. David Nekrutman is working together with Pastor Steven Khoury (a Palestinian Christian from the Bethlehem Ministry), to promote the "Mission of Peace" program. This program aims to help financially challenged Christians in the Holy Land by providing food and shelter where needed.

"In the CJCUC center in Efrat, we often host moderate Muslim leaders, sheikhs and Imams. Killing innocent tourists in the name of God describes evil Mono-Satanism rather than ethical mono-theism." stated Rabbi Riskin.

Pastor Khoury said, "Bombs do not discriminate. Bulgaria is a destination for many Israelis including Arabs. This does not help the Palestinian -- Israeli relations."

Last week, Mr. Nekrutman and his wife were in Bulgaria on vacation. "I am shocked that a resort destination would be a target for terrorism. I was on a bus with both Israeli Jews and Arabs and we all got along." He added, "This is a senseless attack, but it will not deter the Mission of Peace that Pastor Khoury and I are on. We will redouble our efforts and prove that people of peace have a louder voice than those of terrorism."

CJCUC is the first Orthodox Jewish institution to religiously dialogue with the Christian world and is under the auspices of Ohr Torah Stone led by Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, Chief Rabbi of Efrat.

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