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New Biblical Astronomy Book Restores Lost Traditions

Contact: Jay Ryan, 216-398-5385, jay@ClassicalAstronomy.com


CLEVELAND, Sept. 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- The autumnal equinox arrives on September 23, but what exactly does this mean? Did you know that the equinox is actually part of the LORD's created order, a seasonal signpost for measuring time over the span of the year? Why isn't this taught by secular education and pop media, which focus instead on evolutionary theories? Many such topics are finally explained in "Signs & Seasons" by Jay Ryan, newly published by Fourth Day Press.

In "Signs & Seasons," Ryan explains that the Sun, Moon and stars were created for the purpose of measuring time..."for signs and for seasons, and for days and years." (Genesis 1:14). For centuries, the God-given lights in the sky were used in this way, as did the Founding Fathers of the United States. Somewhere down the line, our connection to the "forgotten sky" was broken.

"Very few people today understand why the days grow longer and shorter over the span of the year," says Ryan. "More people have heard of 'black holes' than understand how the seasons change."

It was for such reasons that Ryan wrote "Signs & Seasons," to help our generation reclaim its lost astronomical heritage. Lavishly illustrated with over 400 images, "Signs & Seasons" shows the reader what to look for in the sky.

Most importantly, "Signs & Seasons" is created to the glory of God, with ample quotations from Scripture. Many other historical sources are also quoted, literary and scientific, to illustrate the extensive astronomical tradition throughout western history.

"Signs & Seasons" shows the astronomical elements behind Biblical feasts, how Passover and Easter and calculated from the cycles of the Sun and Moon. "Signs & Seasons" also debunks popular misconceptions about astrology, demonstrating how this ancient superstition has stolen and distorted elements from legitimate science.

Though created as a homeschool curriculum, "Signs & Seasons" is very useful to adults seeking to better understand this formerly well-known science and glorify the Creator who placed such a wonderful order over our heads.

Published by Fourth Day Press, "Signs & Seasons" is available through many book sellers. "Signs & Seasons" can also be directly ordered online.

For further information, contact the author, Jay Ryan, at 216.398.5385 or jay@ClassicalAstronomy.com. For more information about the author, view his profile at The Old Schoolhouse Speaker's Bureau.