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Christian Investment Newsletter Among 2011's Top Five

Contact: Richard Williams, 716-938-6623

SALAMANCA, N.Y., Dec. 30, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- On Dec 26 Peter Brimelow of MarketWatch published his annual Top 10 list of Investment Newsletters. Placing in the top five out of the 196 Investment Newsletters currently tracked by Hulbert Financial Digest whose data he cites was The Christian Value Investor that he first profiled in his column Nov 21. His headline for that column was: "Christian letter among 2011 top performers. Commentary: But it's based on established investing theory."

Following the New York dateline of his company -- one member of the family of financial firms that include the Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, Barrons and Hulbert Financial Digest -- the sub-headline reads: "Praise the Lord! A new letter is among this year's top-performers. It's explicitly Christian." The full text of that article can easily be found by entering The Christian Value Investor within quotation marks into Google or other search engines.

It was indeed exciting to the founders of Faithful Servant LLC, the company that publishes The Christian Value Investor to have as well known and respected a financial analyst as Brimelow -- whose biography is likewise easily searched -- not only credit a newcomer to this field for their success, but also to give credit to their newsletter's Christian principles. Brimelow clearly acknowledges there is a worldly bias against such entities that he terms Christophobia, illustrating this contention with the erosion of "Merry Christmas" greetings into "Happy Holidays."

He paraphrases from TCVI's Mission Statement that announces their model portfolio's avoidance of "sin stocks" such as tobacco, alcohol, gambling casinos, pornography etc. likening this moral position as rather like the various environment-conscious funds that avoid alleged polluters.

About their investment strategy he states "Certainly the Christian Value Investor editors have a bold and incisive investing technique." A refreshing feature of this piece in a secular column is his parallel credit to one other overtly Christian letter among those Hulbert rates for having consistently edged out the market over the last 15 years despite being somewhat down this year.

To learn more about The Christian Value Investor or its two sister publications that focus on the Utility and Transportation segments of the market one can visit the website that combines the publication's initials and the fact that they're always available into www.TCVI-24-7.com.  

The Christian Value Investor's prayer for 2012 is that you have a joyous and prosperous New Year and tithe your good fortune.