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New Web Portal Launches for Christian Community Designed to Unite, Empower and Mobilize Christians

Contact: Roger Festa, Project Manager, 609-926-1344

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 1, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- At a time when millions of families, and thousands of ministries across the country are feeling the crunch of the recent recession, there is a new ray of hope for the Christian community. MyKingdomWorks.com is a new web portal for Christians that will launch in September, but was unveiled in a preview crowd-launch campaign on August 1, 2013. The stated purpose of MyKingdomWorks™ is to Unite, Empower, and Mobilize Christians around the world and enable them to "Earn More, Save More, Do More and Give More."

MyKingdomWorks.com is being built to deliver resources to the Christian community so as to stimulate and motivate people to help others. According to Larry Masi, one of the Founders of MyKingdomWorks, "The site is designed to provide the tools for people to take action and improve their lives while improving the lives of others." Masi added, "MyKingdomWorks will be a site for Christians, by Christians, who are committed to living out the Great Commission to take the Gospel into the whole world. The MyKingdomWorks.com team believes that this commission can be accelerated when Christians unite, and mobilize and are empowered both spiritually and financially. In order to achieve its financial objectives of helping individuals and ministries, the team at MyKingdomWorks has elected to establish itself as a "Benefit Corporation" entity. According to Mr. Masi, for years, corporations have been precluded by case law from donating large amounts of money to charities. "The case law stems from the fact that corporations have been deemed to have a duty to their shareholders to drive profits to the bottom line. MyKingdomWorks, as a Benefit LLC, will be able to donate as much money as it can to charitable causes, without restriction," says Masi.

To further its cause of creating a financial mechanism for Christians to achieve higher incomes, MyKingdomWorks has procured the first license to issue a QuantumCash® debit card to its members. According to Masi, who also happens to own four patents on the QuantumCash card, "QuantumCash, is a revolutionary new company that aims to provide the most lucrative cash rewards program for any payment card in history. Our goal is to partner with the largest companies and organizations in the world to help people get out of debt, and help others while doing so. Our goal was to take this exciting technology to the Christian community first," added Masi.

To this end, QuantumCash has authorized MyKingdomWorks to issue The MyKW Card™ which will come with a unique phone app that enables members to see their earnings on their smart phones. According to the company, MyKingdomWorks will target its membership towards the 140 million people in the USA that profess to be Christians. It will be marketed via social media, database partners, and strategic alliances with nonprofit organizations that are seeking to generate sustainable revenue. The Company has retained a Christian-owned database company with 50 million+ Christian data files to help promote membership in MyKW.

MyKingdomWorks has announced an online Crowd-Launch Campaign that will enable individuals to support the company's causes. In doing so, every online supporter will receive a free membership in MyKingdomWorks.com as well as a proprietary QuantumCash® Multiplied Rewards® cash flow debit card™.

Capstone Legacy Foundation (www.capstonelegacy.org), of Wayne, Pennsylvania, is the Founding Sponsor of MyKingdomWorks. Capstone is a unique online platform that enables individuals and companies to set up personally advised donor foundations, and corporately advised donor foundations through a simple, turnkey methodology. Capstone will make its services available through the MyKingdomWorks web portal to all of the members of MyKW.

Individuals and organizations that have an interest in supporting MyKingdomWorks may do so by going to: www.MyKingdomWorks.com/gofundme.