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Teresa Tomeo Appeals to Polish Catholics to Resist Secular Culture

Contact: Gail Coniglio, Teresa Tomeo Communications, 954-554-3967, gail@teresatomeo.com 

WARSAW, Poland, Nov. 19, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- In the country believed to have sparked the beginning of the end to Communism in Europe, Polish Catholics are now embroiled in a fight the West knows all too well: A fight against the secular culture. It is a fight that radio/TV talk show host and media expert Teresa Tomeo takes to heart in her book, Extreme Makeover: Women, Transformed by Christ, Not Conformed to the Culture (Ignatius Press)

The influential publisher, Fronda, translated Tomeo's book into Polish and has invited her for a week long speaking tour. She will travel to Warsaw, Krakow, and numerous other towns to speak at churches, universities, and high schools, as well as do interviews with both Catholic and secular media. "I am honored," said Tomeo. "I believe that John Paul II has a lot to do with this since he is a large part of this book, especially his writings on women."

Just as Pope John Paul II was instrumental in bringing down Communism in his native land, ardent Catholics are clinging to the Church's teachings to fight the wave of liberalism and anti-Catholic forces. They are more subtle than when Communism ruled, but just as threatening. "Modesty is becoming a challenge here and it is starting to impact young women," Tomeo said. "In addition, I am told that there is a push by radical feminists. Consumerism and outside influences are growing. At the same time there continues to be forces to keep God out of the public square and push back against the Church." Freedom of Speech for the Catholic media in Poland is being threatened as well. Although 87% of country is Catholic, Radio Maria and Catholic TV have been struggling to have the same rights as private stations.

"I think the timing of my trip is not a coincidence given our current challenges here with religious liberty and our sex saturated culture," said Tomeo. "I am praying that I can encourage the Polish people, especially the young people, to stay strong in their faith, and to not take attacks on the Church and her teachings lightly. I believe one of the reasons we are in the current sad situation in the U.S. is because Christians were afraid to exercise their rights and speak out."

Tomeo is availability for interviews and can be arranged through Gail Coniglio, Teresa Tomeo Communications (954) 554-3967 or gail@teresatomeo.com.