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'Freedom March -- Life Wins' and 'Mother's Day Mourning -- Mississippi's 50 Deadly Years'

Correcting the historical record: Abortion Began not With Roe-v-Wade in 1973, but was First Approved and Decriminalized in Mississippi Ironically on Mother's Day May 8th, 1966.

Contact: Juda Myers, 281-451-8460, Juda@Choices4Life.org; Rev. Chet Gallagher, 702-528-4346, ChetGallagher@Gmail.com

JACKSON, Miss., April 29, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Join us in Jackson, Mississippi during "7 days of repentance and mourning" beginning Monday May 2 and leading up to the 50th Anniversary of "legally" shedding Innocent blood, this Sunday May 8th.

What the vast majority in this country are unaware of is that the historical root of abortion is entrenched in racism and that the decriminalization of abortion began during the civil rights movement in Mississippi. The irony is that the first American lawmakers approved abortions for children conceived in rape on Mother's Day, 1966, also falling on May 8th that year. It is now 50 deadly years later.

Rev. Chet Gallagher, Assistant Director of Operation Save America, stated, "It is critical that we re-educate people in this country who haven't a clue. The wickedness of rape exceptions and why they have been accepted, entrenched and justified our society must be exposed. The exception has become the norm leading to thousands of innocent pre-born children being butchered every year in America."

Hundreds of free copies of the full length documentary Conceived in Rape and Other Exceptions (seen thus far by over 3 million viewers online) will be distributed throughout the city and in local churches by the film's Producer, Kevin Williams. Both national and local Prolife leaders will be speaking and available for interviews during the week and the events scheduled.

Details are as follows:

    "CHURCH ON THE STREET" Monday to Saturday mornings May 2-8, sponsored by "Mississippi Pastors for Life" held outside of the last surgical abortion mill in Mississippi.

    "HEROS MEET AND GREET" Thursday, May 5th, 6 PM, at Jackson's Marriot Hotel sponsored by Justice Foundation to honor moms of children conceived in rape but were not aborted.

    "FREEDOM MARCH---LIFE WINS!" Friday May 6th, State Capitol lead by Juda Myers, Choices4Life. This will be preceded by a Press Conference at the Capitol before the march around the Capitol Building.

    "MOTHER'S DAY MOURNING" Saturday May 7th, evening rally, co-sponsored by "Just Show Up!" Ministries and Operation Save America.

    "MOTHER'S DAY MOURNING---MISSISSIPPI'S 50 DEADLY YEARS" Sunday May 8th, 4 PM at the Mississippi State Capitol. Operation Save America and local MS leaders to speak.

Juda Myers, Choices4Life: Juda@Choices4Life.org (281)451-8460
Rev. Chet Gallagher, Operation Save America: ChetGallagher@Gmail.com (702)528-4346