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AmericanPreacher.com Invites Churches to Post Video Sermons Online

Contact: David Rakes, 540-797-3030, contact@americanpreacher.com

ROANOKE, Va., March 23, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Higher Power Media Corporation, based in Roanoke, Virginia is pleased to announce the highly anticipated launch of AmericanPreacher.com, a website designed to assist churches of all sizes and denominations share God's Word with a worldwide congregation. Churches and pastors everywhere are encouraged to take a video of the Sunday sermon and upload it to AmericanPreacher.com. Imagine the impact of sharing God's Word and the teachings of Jesus Christ with the world. Churches are no longer limited to the Sunday service.

The President of Higher Power Media Corporation, David Rakes, believes there are so many churches with dynamic pastors, ministers, preachers, and priests who deliver so much hope, developing the website AmericanPreacher.com would help share the positive message online to an unlimited audience. Because of an aging population, seasonal and transportation issues, and many other factors, many church numbers are decreasing and collection plates are showing a drop in weekly gifts. AmericanPreacher.com can accept donations and gifts to each member church by allowing viewers to donate online.

AmericanPreacher.com can assist anyone moving out of town or with an interest in attending a church service while on vacation. Imagine the opportunity to watch a Video Sermon and read information about a church and pastor before stepping foot in the actual church. AmericanPreacher.com will help the online viewer make a decision about where to attend and the church attract new members.

Many church leaders know the importance of attracting new members to their congregations, but feel that pro-actively marketing the church to others in the community and elsewhere is costly and time prohibitive. AmericanPreacher.com makes it easy for any member of the church or a dedicated crew to take a video of the Sunday Sermon, Christian music groups or programs, or any message of faith or outreach. Churches and Pastors may sign up now for a FREE one year subscription. Share God's Word and the teachings of Jesus Christ on AmericanPreacher.com.

AmericanPreacher.com was developed in 2010 to assist Churches of all sizes to share God's Word and the lessons of Jesus Christ with the world and deliver hope to anyone in need of a positive message 24/7/365.

If you would like more information about AmericanPreacher.com, or to schedule an interview with David Rakes, please call 540/797-3030 or email David at contact@americanpreacher.com.