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Research Scientist Claims Crisis of Cheating and Censorship in Science Threaten Americans
Legislative Briefing at US Capitol, Wednesday, July 28
Contact: Kevin Wirth, Leafcutter Press, 360-990-5422
WASHINGTON, July 26 /Christian Newswire/ -- In a legislative briefing to be presented at the National Capitol building on Wednesday, July 28, former George Mason University professor and research scientist Dr. Caroline Crocker (photo) will tell Americans they are at grave risk as a result of what she termed "a serious crisis of integrity in our scientific and academic institutions." Warning that all Americans should be alarmed at the rampant tolerance of cheating in schools, which she said can translate to corruption in the scientific enterprise and related business concerns, Dr. Crocker will outline examples of the risks related to this issue as well as her plans for working with others to remedy this threat by the formation of a new national non-profit organization, the American Institute for Science and Technology (AITSE).
Event Details ---
When: Wednesday, July 28, 2010, 10 am
Where: US Capitol building, Room HC8
"The impact of this issue is truly incalculable – but is definitely significant. The first thing we need to do is call attention to just how serious this issue really is by identifying where it affects all of us at a very personal and practical level – and then we need to come together to find ways to effectively address the matter." In her briefing, Dr. Crocker will outline how academia fails to effectively stimulate students to learn from examining all sides of an issue and how professors who demand deep learning are penalized. She showed how this can lead to problems in the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry and suggested how improvements could be made by raising the profile of the importance of scientific integrity.
Dr. Crocker, an immunopharmacologist with numerous scientific publications to her credit, warns that "Science is often corrupted by politics, financial interests, and even different ideological viewpoints. This has significant impacts on the health and welfare of Americans – we need to change that or our society will suffer greatly for it."