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DivorceCare Releases New Ebook on How Your Church Can Respond to the Gray Divorce Crisis

Contact: Sam Hodges, Executive Producer, Divorce Care, 919-562-2112

WAKE FOREST, N.C., Nov. 18, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- The divorce rate of those over 50 in America doubled between 1990 and 2010. This startling statistic has led to the rise of what's commonly called the gray divorce revolution. But a new ebook from DivorceCare describes this trend as the gray divorce crisis, one that's profoundly impacting your church and community.

In the book, DivorceCare founder Steve Grissom explains what gray divorce is and how your church can respond.

You'll discover:

  • 8 reasons why gray divorce happens
  • 7 hardships that Baby Boomers face in gray divorce
  • 10 practical tips for ministry you can begin applying right now
  • Strategies for helping young couples avoid gray divorce

Families and churches are significantly impacted by gray divorce:

    The couple: Loss of financial security, retirement income, health insurance, family and church support, friends, a home, and possibly even a beloved pet. There are also health implications, chance of depression, heightened stress, and increased chance of harmful behaviors.

    Grown children: Couples must deal with shifting relationships with grown children (and grandchildren). Grown children must come to terms with the end of their parents' relationship; it can impact views of their own marriage.

    Churches: Often when there is a divorce, one or both individuals leave their church. This means loss of seasoned leaders and crucial financial support.

"'Gray Divorce Crisis' is a much-needed and timely resource," said DivorceCare president Steve Grissom. "We anticipate the number of those involved in a gray divorce will only swell in the coming years. Churches need to be equipped to minister to these hurting people."

Download "Gray Divorce Crisis: 10 Ways Your Church Can Respond to the Baby Boomer Divorce Epidemic" right now:


If you're interested in launching a DivorceCare group, visit www.divorcecare.org or call the DivorceCare offices at 800-395-5755. For interview requests, contact DivorceCare Executive Producer Sam Hodges at shodges(at)churchinitiative(dot)com or 919-562-2112.

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