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World Premiere: MAINSTREAM Part 4 -- 'Globalist Images' -- a James Jaeger Film
"Globalist Images" reviews the real political spectrum and explains how and why media power is being used to promote totalitarian ideologies from the far Left and the far Right.  Fueled by fiat currency from the debt-peddling, unconstitutional Federal Reserve System, the U.S. Mass Media Oligopoly (comprised of the 6 Hollywood studios, the 6 New York networks and the 6 Media Conglomerates) is promoting the Globalist Agenda.  What can WE THE PEOPLE do to neutralize the Moving, Corrupting, Indoctrinating and Globalist "Images" the Mainstream Media is using to destroy the U.S. Republic and the Constitutional principles that made America great? "
Contact: Lorraine Sterling or Diana Zoppa, 310-867-6302, Zoppa@zoppamediagroup.com
HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 10, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- The world premiere for "Globalist Images," the fourth installment of "MAINSTREAM - How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda" will start at 6AM on Friday, 13 October 2017 and run until the end of the Weekend.  
For a limited period the public may join industry professionals to screen Part 4 - "Globalist Images" of this 4-part mini-series at the Premiere site of www.MainstreamMedia.us/premiere
"Globalist Images" -- in association with MATRIX ENTERTAINMENT and OATH KEEPERS, a non-partisan association of active and retired military, police and national guard -- is about 60 minutes long.  Part 4 concludes release of the 210-minute series now available on DVD.
Pre-order the DVD for all four Parts at www.Moviepubs.net  
MAINSTREAM will be Matrix Production's 8th political documentary centering around the U.S. Constitution. Previous films include FIAT EMPIRE, CULTURAL MARXISM, MOLON LABE (featuring Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Alex Jones and others).
The MAINSTREAM series features PASTOR CHUCK BALDWIN; Constitutional attorney EDWIN VIEIRA; author/producer, G. EDWARD GRIFFIN; author/entertainment attorney, JOHN CONES; John Birch Society's JOHN McMANUS; Hollywood screenwriter, KEN GULLEKSON; Gun Owners of America's LARRY PRATT; Tesla Science Foundation's NIKOLA LONCHAR; A&E for 9/11 Truth's RICHARD GAGE; Congressman RON PAUL; Hollywood actor, SAM CHEW; SHERIFF RICHARD MACK; Oath Keeper Founder, STEWART RHODES.
MAINSTREAM series traces Hollywood's origins from the early art-driven movie moguls to the profit-driven liberal corporations of today that promote a globalist agenda.
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For information regarding this release contact Lorraine Sterling or Diana Zoppa at 310-867-6302 or Zoppa@zoppamediagroup.com