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The Discovery Institute is Made an Offer it Can't Refuse

Contact: Tom Ritter, 570-366-1115, ritterthomas754@gmail.com

MEDIA ADVISORY, Feb. 11, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Discovery Institute of Seattle wants Tom Ritter to drop his lawsuit against The Blue Mountain School District of central Pennsylvania over the teaching of evolution.

Ritter alleges that the teaching of evolution is merely Atheism in disguise. The Discovery Institute is worried he will lose the suit.

It is worth noting The Discovery Institute LOST the infamous case of Kitzmiller v Dover School District, handed down in 2005 in the same federal court district as The Blue Mt. School District case.

Ritter also says he is not impressed for other reasons:

First, and most importantly, Ritter says there will be NO public schools in just a few years. To learn the details, see the website, predatorypricing.org

Second, Ritter does not plan to lose the lawsuit. The Blue Mountain School District has a legal problem: The Kitzmiller case outlawed the teaching of any form of Intelligent Design. Since there are logically only two explanations for the existence of life, any school teaching evolution must therefore teach blind evolution. Since The Blue Mt. SD teaches evolution, Ritter says it must teach Atheism.

(The major monotheistic religions of the world all ascribe to God's remarkably similar characteristics, among them, the ability to create. Thus no Creator = no God)

But it is illegal to teach Atheism in the public schools.

Third, at 63, Ritter says he is no longer afraid of powerful institutions, be they The Blue Mountain School District, the entire public (government) school system or the Discovery Institute.

So Tom Ritter offers The Discovery Institute the following compromise:

If The Institute will get him 10 (ten) sets of parents from different schools districts in Pennsylvania east of Harrisburg to protest the public schools, HE WILL DROP HIS LAWSUIT.

That should be easy enough for the Institute to do since they are a powerful organization

And again, see the website: predatorypricing.org, updated very recently, for the details.

Tom Ritter taught physics and chemistry in the public schools for over a decade, and hundreds of his former students will vouch that he was a great teacher.

He also calls himself a reluctant Christian, meaning he needs a personal Savior, but does not like a lot of what most of the modern Church does.

For more information contact Tom at ritterthomas754@gmail.com.