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Dan Celia Asks - Whose Money is it Anyway

Contact: Deborah Hamilton, Hamilton Strategies, 215-815-7716

MEDIA ADVISORY, Feb. 22 /Christian Newswire/ -- During this first quarter of 2008, American citizens are more concerned about the economy than they have been in the past decade. A looming recession, a downward spiral in the stock market and discouraged investors bring Dan Celia, Executive Director of the Regency Foundation, to ask a startling question: Just whose money is it anyway?

With a unique perspective on financial issues, Dan Celia answers that question. "Remember, it's all God's. Because of this fact, we must become the finest stewards of the gifts God has bestowed upon us. This is true in every aspect of life and it is especially true when it comes to the money the Lord has allowed us to manage. The Bible talks about money over one hundred times, which means it is critical that we exercise discipline and good stewardship while employing biblical principles with our money."

The Regency Foundation, a 501C3 non-profit organization, exists to help individuals and organizations biblically plan, invest in stocks, bonds and real estate and give wisely to biblically-based organizations across the United States. Dan Celia brings over twenty-five years of experience to his position as Executive Director which allows him to lend his expertise to those seeking financial advice from a biblical perspective. He has helped many ministries, organizations and individuals to literally transform their financial futures.

The Regency Foundation features a unique blend of professionals whose expertise and integrity combine financial planning with charitable giving to help individuals and families meet their goals. The Regency Foundation is an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission), which makes them accountable to the SEC for operating procedures and compliance to the highest standard accountable in the field, outside of the Biblical standard. They work with lawyers, accountants, and other experts to care for all financial needs.

Mr. Celia hosts the "Financial Issues" radio show and also the daily radio feature, "Stewardship Moment", a biblical look at stewardship, heard on Christian radio stations on the East Coast and expanding nationally.

Dan Celia's book, "All For The Master", is a forty-day devotional on stewardship. His new book on the fundamental principles of financial stewardship will be ready for release in 2008. For individual or organizational financial planning information, to book Dan Celia as a speaker for your event or organization or to purchase "All For The Master", email info@regencyfoundation.org, visit www.regencyfoundation.org or call toll-free at 1-877-475-2694.