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Merck & California HPV Advocates Behind Deception About Vaccine

Vaccine Was Never Intended for Young Girls According to Clinical Trial Director


Contact: Richard D. Ackerman, President, Pro-Family Law Center, 951-308-6454


TEMECULA, Calif., Mar. 14 /Christian Newswire/ -- In direct contravention to information published in legislative analyses by the California State Assembly on Assembly Bill 16 (Hernandez - D), and yesterday's testimony before the California Assembly Committee on Health, a proposed mandatory vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease is not suitable for young girls and would amount to an "experiment."  AB16 proposed a mandate that all girls be vaccinated prior to entering seventh grade in an alleged effort to prevent cervical cancer.


According to a startling article published by writer Cindy Bevington of the KPC Media Group, Dr. Diane M. Harper, a pioneer of a humanpapilloma virus (HPV) vaccine, is claiming that "the HPV vaccine is not for younger girls" and that requiring all teen girls to be injected with the vaccine is a "great big public health experiment."  The article further indicates that "such a vaccination crusade actually could cause the [cancer] numbers to go up."  Most importantly, the article indicates that Dr. Harper says the HPV vaccine "its not been tested for effectiveness in younger girls, and administering the vaccine to girls as young as nine may not even protect them at all."


Dr. Harper is the director of the Gynecologic Cancer Prevention Research Group at the Norris Cotton Center at Dartmouth Medical School in New Hampshire.  Dr. Harper has worked on the vaccine for 20 years.


The startling article further states, "Harper is an independent researcher whose work is funded through Dartmouth in part by Merck & Co. and GlaxoSmithKline, which means she is an employee of the university, not the drug companies."  The issue of Merck 'priming the pot' with political contributions to the present and past authors of the California legislation has become a major issue in the battle to expose the truth about Merck's push of this vaccine, regardless of Dr. Harper's concerns, in at least 20 states in the nation.


The concerns of Dr. Harper mirror those that were specifically expressed by pro-family groups to a committee of 15 California legislators in hearings yesterday over Assembly Bill 16 (Ed Hernandez-D) in Sacramento, California.  The AB16 author rejected such arguments claiming that they had no basis in science.  A UCLA doctor, serving as a witness for bill proponents at the hearing, failed to mention any of the clinical trial work by Dr. Harper.  Main stream media sources and others are failing to mention any of Dr. Harper's findings.  One Los Angeles morning show host (KFI radio), which reaches millions of listeners, has stated that he wants the vaccine for his daughters yet fails to demonstrate any knowledge about Dr. Harper's work.


The Pro-Family Law Center in conjunction with Dr. Angela Griffiths, Campaign for Children and Families, and other pro-family advocacy groups raised concerns about children being used as "guinea pigs" during the hearings and in prior written testimony provided to the offices of all 15 members of the Assembly Health Committee.  These prophetic concerns were disregarded by several of the committee members along with other concerns about parental rights, medical privacy, and informed patient consent.


Earlier this week, the Pro- Family Law Center stated in its written legislative analysis that, "According to information published by the CDC and Merck Pharmaceuticals, it appears that Gardisil was only tested worldwide on approximately 25,000 people between the ages of 9 and 26. According to the American College of Pediatricians, the vaccine was tested on only 1121 girls between the ages of 9 and 15. Furthermore, testing on males has not yet been completed. As such, it is very likely that the HPV strain- specific vaccine has not been tested on a study group that could render fully accurate predictions about the effect of the HPV vaccine on pre-pubescent American children or on girls who have not otherwise fully matured. As such, it seems rather obvious that you should not be using children as ‘guinea pigs’ with respect to their reproductive health. If you must use this mass experiment with Gardisil as a way of dealing with HPV, our stated concerns about the scope of information provided to parents are all the more obvious."  Dr. Harper was the director of an international clinical trial for the Gardisil product and another similar product.


In an effort to educate the public about this issue, the Pro-Family Law Center has a link to the Bevington article on its website at www.profamilylawcenter.com.  According to the article, "For months, Harper said, she's been trying to convince major television and print media to listen to her and tell the facts about the usefulness and effectiveness of the vaccine."  PFLC is imploring all media, pro-family groups, and patients-rights advocates to read this article before judging the merits of the HPV vaccine.


PFLC has spoken with Cindy Bevington, the author of this shocking article, and PFLC is very concerned that the information contained in the article is not reaching those who could be harmed by the rush to judgment proposed by the authors of AB16.