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'The Turning Point - Islam and Jesus' Salvation': New Book Presents an Examination of Islam by an Egyptian-born Christian

Contact: Fawzy Abdelmalek, Fabdelmalek@aol.com

ST. LOUIS, October 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- Having witnessed the horrific and heartless acts of 9/11 along with millions of fellow Americans, author Fawzy T. Abdelmalek felt compelled to share his knowledge and personal experiences growing up as a Christian in a land dominated by an Islamic belief system in his new book, "The Turning Point - Islam and Jesus' Salvation."

Recognizing that the American public is highly misinformed about Muslims, Abdelmalek took it upon himself to both educate and medicate his readers' minds with the power of the word of God.

"The Turning Point" explores the history, ideology, culture and struggles the people of Islam have endured for the last fourteen hundred years.

While "The Turning Point" is educational, it is also a tribute. Several pages of the book are devoted solely to praising the works of God through His son Jesus Christ. Abdelmalek invites all who read his book to accept Jesus as their savior and indulge in all of the wonderful benefits guaranteed through the word of God.

"Terror in Islam is rooted deeply by its divine commands of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad," Abdelmalek writes. "It is entrenched in the preaching, commands, injunctions, inspirations, practices and examples set by the Prophet Muhammad and by his contemporary followers, who lived by the sword and used it as the most potent weapon to subdue adversaries who happen to cross their path."

"The Turning Point" is written in very simple English, is full of pictures and presents four parts which is described to be a light documentary with a story like telling theme.

Abdelmalek's book is truly a must-read for anyone who would like to understand the truth about the Islamic Faith, and underline the facts about its religion to grow both in knowledge and strengthen their own personal beliefs through the word and works of God.

About the Author: Fawzy T. Abdelmalek was born and raised in Egypt and immigrated to America in 1973. He holds master's degrees in engineering and business administration. Presently, Abdelmalek resides in St. Louis where he works as an engineer, is a member of the Coptic Orthodox Church and enjoys being a grandfather. A longtime scholar, Abdelmalek has authored several technical papers related to engineering and is the proud owner of 14 U.S. patents for his solutions to global warming-related issues.

Contact the author directly: Fabdelmalek@aol.com

Book ISBN # 978-1-4343-9305-0.