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Hailey's Paradox Dramatizes Clash Between Evolution and Creationism

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LOS ANGELES, Jan. 23, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- The clash between evolution and believers in Creationism, and the evolving role of religious Fundamentalism in American politics, are central themes in Arnold Simon's newest book -- Hailey's Paradox.

Simon tells of the conflict suffered by Jarett Hailey, a religious Fundamentalist who believes the bible's account of Creation. After first hearing about evolution in the classroom, Jarett decides to become a paleontologist to disprove the role of evolution and prove that the Biblical account of Creation is true.

"The plot escalates when Hailey runs for President of the United States," explains Simon, "and leads to a dramatic finish as ambition and the desire for power compete with the quest for truth."

The author stresses that Hailey's Paradox is not a novel about science, but is about the conflict suffered by a religious Fundamentalist torn apart between the role of evolution and his belief that all living things were created by direct act of God. Just as he was thinking of writing about this conflict, Simon happened to run across a BBC program that featured three world-renowned paleontologists. Simon read their books with considerable interest, and did further research on the subject, including an interview with a renowned expert in both paleontology and paleobiology.

The result is Hailey's Paradox, the story of a man's struggle between known truth and believed truth that tears both at his faith and at his core values. The surprising ending may not resolve the conflict between faith and science, but it certainly grips the reader.

Top Ten Amazon Reviewer Grady Harp says this about Hailey's Paradox, "Simon pulls Paleontology as the platform from which a fundamentalist candidate will run for President of the United States with the concept that Creative Design IS Evolution."

Ross Rojek, San Francisco/ Sacramento Book Review says Hailey's Paradox is "An interesting look at the conflict between belief in Creationism and the historical record of fossils and evolution."

Hailey's Paradox is available at the author's website: www.HaileysParadox.com or on Amazon ISBN: 978-0-9749312-0-3, 284 pages, $14.95

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