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Brooklyn School Responds to Plans for Closure

Most Precious Blood School Responds to Diocesan Proposal to Close School, "Convert" to Charters

Students use "You Tube" to send impassioned plea to God, Bishops and Oprah; Plan a "Prayer Parade" to Demonstrate Solidarity, Faith

Contact: Lori Pedone, 347- 225-3657

BROOKLYN, Feb. 9 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Diocese of Brooklyn recently announced a proposal to close about a dozen parochial schools and convert others into public charter schools, due to changes in demographics, low enrollment and financial challenges. The Diocesanwide "Preserving the Vision" process made history due the various "cutting edge" technologies utilized (internet, webcam, email, etc.) to disseminate important information to the schools, teachers and families.

Most Precious Blood School (MPBS), built in 1967, is one of the schools slated to close. The community has mobilized, raised over $100,000 and recorded 2,000 signatures of support from area residents to stay open.

The children and families of MPBS want their voices heard and are using the same 21st Century technologies to respond. A 7½ minute video ("DEAR GOD") has been posted on "You Tube," "God Tube," the school's website (www.mostprecio.us) and on several Facebook pages. DVD's were sent to the Diocese and to Oprah Winfrey. (The school is one of the first U.S. "O-Ambassador" Club sites, an outreach of Winfrey's Angel Network.)

According to parent organizer, Mr. Javier Lopez, who has six children in the school and serves on the school board, "We have a very good plan to keep this school viable. It addresses all of the Diocese's concerns. Yes, the video pulls a few heartstrings because we have so much at stake... we don't want to lose our school! We don't want our missionary nuns to leave this country after 40 years of faithful service here!"

On Monday, February 9, 2009 at 1 P.M., the school is sponsoring a "PRAYER PARADE." Students will sing, read Bible verses and say prayers as they march around the school akin to Joshua leading Israelites to victory by marching around the walls of Jericho. According to the principal, Sr. Eleanora Anthonappa (SOLM), "This is by no means a protest! It is a peaceful processional meant to show our solidarity and most of all, our strong faith. We've done all we can do to submit our proposal to remain open, now we must pray and leave it in God's hands. We need a miracle!"

The school is located at 133-157 27th Avenue, between Harway and Bath Avenues (zip code 11214), just outside of Coney Island in the Bath Beach section of Brooklyn. Msgr. Joseph Rosa (Parish Pastor) and other spokespersons will be on hand for media interviews.