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Announcing Paul Sybert's Song 'The Mention of His Name'

Contact: Paul Sybert, 831-238-4753, psybert@yahoo.com

MONTEREY, Calif., Aug. 5, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- A friend of Paul Sybert's was in a lot of emotional pain. His mother gave him some solid advice: she said when he felt the pain to just say the name of Jesus. He did and each time he said the name Jesus, the pain lessened. She later called me and told me the good news that he no longer suffered and was feeling better.  Her son found relief in just saying the name of Jesus. It was this thought that made Paul Sybert think of the power of just saying His name. Then Sybert said His name, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. This was on Paul Sybert's mind as he wrote the song, "Mention of His Name."

Paul Sybert wrote this song and "The Mention of His Name" can now be announced. Later he recorded the song in the studio and included it on his CD, "Spiritual Songs."  The "Mention of His Name" is on the CD, "Spiritual Songs" and the song can be heard on the web page: Listen CD Selections.

It is available on his website: www.paulsybert.com.