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Do You Enjoy a Glass of Wine
Contact for reporters/journalists: media@fightpp.org; General E-Mail: ldi@fightpp.org;  Interviews, 540-631-0380 ext. 22
FRONT ROYAL, Va., Mar. 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- Do you drink wine? Millions of people do, but most are unaware of the fact that many winemakers give financial support to Planned Parenthood, the world's leading pro-abortion behemoth.
"I like a glass of wine every now and then," said LDI Chairman Thomas C. Strobhar. "I am appalled that so many winemakers fund the Culture of Death.  I urge my fellow pro-life activists to let winemakers know that they have a 'choice'. They may continue to fund Planned Parenthood and lose a lot of business to competitors or they may stop funding Planned Parenthood and reap the benefits that come from happy consumers."
Whether you are a wine drinker or not, please urge winemakers to stop supporting Planned Parenthood. A recently updated list of winemakers that fund Planned Parenthood may be found on the website of Life Decisions International. (Please read the introductory text and then scroll down to the link that reads, "Wineries/Vineyards," which may be found after the list of states.) Contact information is provided for each winemaker listed.
Life Decisions International (LDI) is dedicated to challenging the Culture of Death, concentrating on exposing and fighting the agenda of Planned Parenthood. LDI's chief project is a boycott of corporations that fund the abortion-committing giant. To learn more about Planned Parenthood, please visit: www.fightpp.org