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Online -- The Most Recent Film from Christian Film Maker Kevan Otto
Contact: Kevan Otto, 310-425-2370, kevan@kkoproductions.com; Brad Allen, 615-210-4939, brad.allen@me.com

TEMECULA, Calif., Oct. 25, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christian film maker Kevan Otto, (WWJD, Decision, The Woodcarver, Lukewarm, etc...) is proud to announce his most recent film "ONLINE." The film is completed and is targeted for release in 2013.

Written by Sean Stearley & Chris J. Miller
Revisions by Kevan Otto

John Wilde is a happily married Christian man who is about to face the biggest challenge of his marriage. Late one night, after celebrating his new job promotion, John logs into a social networking site and re-discovers his old high school flame, Adrianna. What begins as a harmless online reconnection between John and Adrianna quickly escalates into full blown rekindling of their long-lost romance, which John tries desperately to justify in his own mind while taking drastic measures to hide it from his wife, Mary.

As John begins to feel guilty about his extracurricular activities, things take a turn for the weird as he lands a huge marketing campaign at work for a cosmetics line that is run by none other than Adrianna's husband! John's career now depends on his continued relationship with Adrianna, who now seems set on stealing him away from his wife at all costs.

Though Mary wants to trust her husband, she immediately recognizes John's unusual behavior and grows somewhat suspicious. She seeks out the advice from her love-scorned mother, Margaret, who becomes convinced John is cheating on her. Against her daughter's wishes, Margaret hires a private investigator to spy on John's activities during his "late nights" at work, and soon obtains hard evidence that he has been going out on more than just a few "business meetings."

When confronted with the evidence, Mary continues to store her faith in both God and her husband, and knows that with the Lord's help their marriage will be able to survive. But, when Adrianna finally pushes the boundaries beyond John's expectations, he is forced to make a decision that will forever affect his life...

ONLINE is a Christian-based story of temptation, love, and ambition... and ultimately redemption. It touches on subjects that plague every kind of relationship and offers solid faith-based resolutions to common issues that anyone can relate to.

For more info about the film contact:

Kevan Otto
Brad Allen