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New Ministry Offers Counseling Sabbaticals to Pastors' Wives
Contact: Trudy M. Johnson, LMFT, 719-330-4770
BUENA VISTA, Colo., June 27, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- "I just want to be a normal person. I'm leaving my husband and the church because I don't want to be in ministry anymore. I want to be a normal person and go to church and not have to be expected to do all the things I did before."
These quoted words are by a former pastor's wife counseled by Trudy M. Johnson, MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Colorado. Starting her sixth year at a Christian counseling agency, Ms. Johnson is involved in both marriage and individual therapy to pastors and their wives.
Johnson will use her knowledge and experience counseling women in crisis to help wives of pastors and women ministry leaders in her new ministry that began June 19, 2011 called A'nesis Retreats™ (an-NEE-sis). A'nesis is a Greek word that means "comfort for the afflicted, relaxation brought about by a source other than oneself, a liberating rest."
She offers both a group retreat format and also individual brief intensive counseling Sabbatical opportunities for pastors' wives and women ministry leaders. The retreat Sabbaticals are located at a new facility for ministry leaders in the heart of the Rocky Mountains called "Sanctuary" (www.SanctuaryBV.com). A'nesis Retreats™ are listed as a Focus on the Family Pastoral Care Referral.
The one consistency Trudy sees in her work with pastors' wives is their high rate of depression. Johnson states that part of the reason for the depression is that pastors' wives are so visible publically, yet they are rarely known on the heart level.
Johnson has collected her own data from testing while working with wives of pastors in the intensive counseling through her private practice. These tests reveal a combined average score of 89% on the depressive scale and 85% on the levels of hostility. Basically, many pastors' wives voice a lot of frustration over their inability to "be real."
With over 45% admitting they have no close friends, it shouldn't be surprising that wives of pastors deal with a lot of anger, probably most of which is internalized, which accounts for their very high levels of depression.
A'nesis Retreats™ for three women at a time are offered every third week of the month throughout the year. Individual counseling Sabbaticals are offered on a case-by-case basis for one or two weeks at a time. Go to www.anesisretreats.com for more information.