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Obama and Homosexual Marriage: Catholic and Evangelical Clergy are Weighed in Balance -- Will They Cower, or Throw Him Out? Equivocate, or Call for Political War?

Contact: Juan Lepanto, 202-531-7547; www.terryforpresident.com

WASHINGTON, May 10, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- "The moment of Truth has arrived for Catholic Bishops and Evangelical Superstars: Will they demand Obama's ouster from office because of his betrayal of God's Law regarding marriage, or will they equivocate, excuse, or just remain silent? Their souls are now weighed in the balance." -- Randall Terry

Background: Obama's endorsement of so-called "same sex marriage" was a forgone conclusion once VP Biden publicly embraced this perversion. The only question was the timing and the venue.

With Obama's announcement behind us, the spotlight now turns to those charged to publicly uphold the laws of God and His definition of marriage: Roman Catholic and Evangelical Clergy.

The next 72 hours -- followed by the Sunday Sermons and Homilies of the sixth Sunday of Easter -- will weigh all clergy in the nation who have heard the news of Obama's bold defiance of thousands of years of Judeo-Christian law.

Randall Terry, Candidate for President states:

    "Obama has been courageous for evil, bold for iniquity. Will Christian clergy rise to the challenge, and at least show equal valor for the Truth, and for the Lord God whose laws they have sworn to uphold? If they do, they are made of the stuff of saints and prophets. If not, they show they are hirelings, not shepherds; false prophets, not watchmen on the wall.

    "This is not about the reaction of a handful of DC paper tigers and 'pro-family' groups. This is about the Church, True Shepherds, and who speaks for God. If Obama is following God's will, he should be praised and imitated by our clergy. If he has opposed the Majesty of Heaven, he should be resisted and rebuked with all the life and strength that a true servant of God possesses.

    "Christian clergy -- like John the Baptist who defended against the perversion of marriage in Herod's day -- must defend true marriage with their words, their honor, and if need be (like the Baptist) their life blood. If they do, they will receive the praise of heaven.

    "However...Every Catholic and Evangelical clergy who does not publicly oppose Obama's agenda has betrayed the Faith with his silence, and should resign from his post so that another with more valor can take his position.

    "Furthermore, U.S. Catholic Bishops bear a special responsibility before God to speak with their own individual voice, each in their respective dioceses, in addition to any statement that the USCCB might issue.

    "Every clergyman worth his salt should send out a press release to his local media informing them of the time and place he will set the record straight."