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Rev. Robert Bakke Says 'Pastors Must Overpower Hollywood'

Contact: Robert Bakke, 612-812-6174, robert@robertbakke.com; www.robertbakke.com

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn., Jan. 3, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Outspoken Amazon #1 author, Rev. Robert Bakke, says Hollywood has replaced the church in America and it's dismantling the country on all fronts. "America's economy, our morality, and even our common sense as a nation has been derailed by a Hollywood culture that is totally self-absorbed and full of hypocrisy," says Bakke, who continues, "Hollywood's influence must be overpowered by the church, but that won't happen until every pastor in America rises up with the guts to fight."

Bakke attacks the religious notion that poverty and weakness is somehow God-like, calling it a false teaching that has crippled the church's influence. Bakke believes that powerful, wealthy congregations are not only more God-like, but are necessary to provide the resources for the faith community to produce its own movies and programs, ultimately reshaping the morals and prosperity that made America the most successful nation in history.

Bakke throws down hard on the hypocrisy of Hollywood elite who live in gated estates but condemn the thought of America building a wall, or who cry for the banning of firearms while their personal bodyguards all carry weapons. "They use their media platform to shape the public's political opinions, and thanks to Hollywood's movies and primetime television shows, we now have little boys believing they can be little girls as a matter of choice," says Bakke, "It's got to stop, and that means pastors must rise up with fearlessness and start pushing back." Bakke sites the 1954 Johnson Amendment as the culprit that began the church's declining influence, but says pastors need to remember the God they serve. "He is a powerful, wealthy God who commands us to win, which is something many organized religions have long forgotten, and every churchgoers needs to hear," says Bakke.

Bakke's book, Prayer at Full Throttle is and Amazon #1 bestseller. The book is available at www.amazon.com in paperback and e-book.  Website: www.robertbakke.com Bakke is available for interviews at robert@robertbakke.com or 612-812-6174

About Robert Bakke,
Robert Bakke is an Amazon #1 Best-Selling author. He is also a jet captain and aerobatic flight instructor, a black belt and regional champion, NASCAR driver, and was running a multi-million dollar company by the age of 24.

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