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Debut Author Helps Readers Struggling with Self-Image

Contact: Robyn Williams, WinePress Publishing, 360-802-9758, robyn@winepresspublishing.com

ENUMCLAW, Wash., Feb. 16, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- A mirror can be a friend and an enemy. While they come in handy when putting on makeup and getting our hair just right they also reveal flaws that we'd rather forget about or didn't know were there. Often we have other "mirrors" in our lives as well, such as the opinions of others, social expectations, and deep-rooted insecurities. As many women have discovered, these mirrors are never helpful. They fill our heads with lies, perpetuating fears and feelings of inferiority. Is it possible to find a mirror that tells the truth and leaves us feeling beautiful rather than ugly?

Laura Shoemaker found such a mirror. In her newly released book "Seeing Yourself in the Mirror of Truth" she shows women how to partner with God through His Word, allowing Him to reveal their burdens and provide freedom."'Seeing Yourself in the Mirror of Truth' can help you understand the reality of deception, and the destructive impact lies have on a woman's identity," Shoemaker says. "You will not only become acquainted with the Truth that sets you free, but you will be taught how to tame, shape, and polish your whole personality using God's Mirror."

Shoemaker draws from her own experiences with a distorted self-image. As a shy girl who moved every two or three years and attended four different schools as a teenager, she found it difficult to make friends. Because she did not know God at the time, she based her worth on pleasing others. For many years she battled low self-esteem, while sensing that there was more to life than what she was experiencing. Finally, at age 31, God met her where she was and began a transforming work that she now passes on to other women.

"This book is for anyone who struggles with their self-image or who wants to know who they are in Jesus Christ" Shoemaker explains. She also wrote it "for those who hunger for more than what the world has to offer ..."

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If you are looking for a positive and expert voice dealing with self-image in today's society Laura Shoemaker would be a perfect guest.

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