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FCC and Super Bowl Ad: Final Response to NBC and FCC -- Case Law Favors Free Elections in Primaries

Supreme Court has ruled that Democrat Party may not undermine primary elections based on race, creed, or any other matter.

Contact: Juan Lepanto, 202-531-7547

WASHINGTON, Feb. 2, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Re: Final Response of Terry for President to FCC, NBC, and DNC. Case Law overwhelmingly favors Free Elections.

Randall Terry, Democratic Candidate for President, States:

"Any person who objectively reads the law, and the case law, regarding the illegal nature of a Party undermining the primary election will see that the law and the facts are on our side.

"My attorney and I have each filed the responses to the FCC regarding NBC's refusal to run the ad. We are confident that the FCC will protect free elections.

"Of particular interest - and for ironic comic relief - is the fact that the Democratic Party of many states continually tried to keep "Negros" from participating in primaries as voters, or as candidates. The Courts - including the Supreme Court in two separate cases - ruled that the Democratic Party could not hinder a primary in any way. Those rulings are binding on the case at hand.

"Given the hostility of the Obama administration in recent months to the Catholic Church, the question at hand is this: are Pro-life Catholic voters and candidates the new "Negro" of the Democratic Party?"

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