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Recent Natural Disasters and Continued Terrorist Acts and Threats Highlight Need for Effective Chaplains -- Chaplain Training Coming to Houston Sept. 19 - 23

Contact: Chaplain Udell, 832-426-3736; Chaplain Schlenker, National Center for Chaplain Development, 866-949-6223

HOUSTON, Sept. 13, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Sr. Chaplain Ken Schlenker, founder of National Center for Chaplain Development based in San Juan Capistrano, CA; (866) 949-6223 nccdat.org; in coordination with Chaplain Ed Udell, Sr., with the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum in Houston, is bringing its nationally recognized, adult, active-learning, student-centered Chaplain curriculum to First Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1311 Holman at Caroline, Houston, Texas 77004 Houston on September 19 - 23, 2011 from 0800-1800.  This week-long training will equip participants to come alongside of First Responders and the community which they serve in cases of crisis national disasters.  100% attendance is required to receive certificate.  The fee for the training is $350 without contact hours; $400 with contact hours.  There is also a $75 cancellation fee.

Subjects covered during the training include but are not limited to:

• Introduction to Chaplaincy • Types of Chaplains • Principles/Perceptions of Chaplaincy • Moral & Ethical Issues • Sensitivity, Diversity & Cultural Issues • Legal Issues (Penal, Evidence, Welfare) • Abusiveness • Domestic Violence • Elder Abuse • Child Abuse • Biology of Stress (Trauma Leading to Addiction) • Stress and Post Traumatic Stress • Active Listening • Types of Interventions • Grief & Sorrow • Fear & Panic • Crisis of Faith v. Cry of Distress • Depression • Suicide • Death Notification • Burnout & Compassion Fatigue

How different is the training from other organizations?

"The course content and design was what struck me right off the bat. One could easily discern that many years of labor had gone into the development and implementation of the course. It had to be taught to understand the principles behind it, but that is when the 'revelation' light came on. It made sense and it works. The instructors were well versed and conducted thorough training using near flawless delivery. Since taking the course, I have been in contact with the program and have drawn support. Aftercare, what a concept!"  -- Kirk Dominic, Chief, Costa Mesa Fire Department

"The course content was different in several ways. First the course gave different ways to interact with individuals in need. It also addressed a new way of training others. They demonstrated the training process and then assisted us in performing the task in a class room setting. The course was designed to use different training methods to cover different ways of learning. Visual slides, videos, reading, writing and class discussions were all utilized. The class was upbeat and personal. All students were involved and the material was presented and then re-enforced. I have received calls from the training staff for input of the course and have received encouragement, clarification and suggestions on different issues." -- Chaplain Gary Patton, Los Angeles Police Department

"In all areas, National Center for Chaplain Development is far above any of the training that I have received in the past. NCCD provides a high level of training that no other organization is offering. They have the ability to bring success to so many organization with their programs and training. All should know about the great things they are providing to organizations. Chaplain Ken was excellent! When he could see that we were not understanding a concept he was quick to re-explain it so we all understood. His teaching style was able to meet us where we were. He was able to reach to all of our levels.  Please use my comments as you wish. I am very thankful for what you provided not only to me but to my department and to others. Thank you!" -- Father Michael Cooper, Chaplain, Los Angeles Police Department

Those interested in the training are invited to contact Chaplain Udell at 832.426.3736 or Chaplain Schlenker at 866.949.6223.  You may also visit the National Center for Chaplain Development website at: www.nccdat.org and click on "Upcoming Training" and then click on "Register Here" on the Houston location or download a flyer at nccdat.org/images/pdf/CourseFlyers/PracticalChaplaincySept19-23Houston.pdf