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Bent Altschul's Ministry 'Great Among The Nations' Anticipating the Holy Spirit Outpouring in the Land of Israel

Messianic Speaker Bent (Benjamin) Altschul has announced 2012 Christian conferences to be held in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel.

Contact: Ginger Brown, Great Among The Nation Inc., 310-338-1021

JERUSALEM, Israel, Dec. 21, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Pastor Bent Altschul, founder of Great Among The Nations (GATN), has announced today that his ministry efforts will continue to flourish in Israel as the expectation for God's Holy Spirit will again touch God's people. As we learned from history 2,000 years ago, the disciples of Jesus and thousands around Jerusalem experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit's outpouring on Pentecost also called Shavuot (The Feast of Weeks), which became the beginning of the church on earth.

According to Messianic Congregational leaders in both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, "There are many church bodies and congregations here that are waiting and longing for just that -- they are expecting the Holy Spirit to come and they have waited for many years!" Another scholar noted enthusiastically, "I am so happy to know Pastor Altschul and to discern his heart how God has sent him during this time to call these people together."

During the upcoming conferences Pastor Altschul will include topics such as: the identification of the members of the Body of Christ, Daniel's prophetic message in relation to the seven church ages which is also known as 'The Great Parenthesis' and the invitation God has for His people for the Great Heavenly Wedding.

Pastor Altschul's meetings he held with Messianic believers in the Land of the Bible this year (2011), have revealed to him that there is a beginning of the sprinkling of the Holy Spirit. One man testified that he experienced a bodily healing and spoke, "I felt the spirit of God as Pastor Altschul spoke of Him who healed His people, namely Jesus of Nazareth." Another woman shared her experiences as she wept for joy hugging her Bible close to her chest saying, "I know God is here, I know God is here," as Pastor Altschul taught of the preparation of God's people for the Wedding.

Pastor Altschul's beginnings in his life as a young adult can be traced back to Israel where he was baptized in the Jordon River by President Ben Gurion's security guard, Pastor Shlomo Yitzhak, partner with Gordon Lindsay founder of Christ for the Nations Institute. Pastor Altschul then began to support missionary efforts and evangelism and had visited Israel very frequently.

According to Altschul, "I recognize that this is not my ministry, but God's ministry and it is God who has put His own ministry in my heart." Bent Altschul founded Great Among The Nations in 1985 and it is a ministry that supports, inspires and nourishes other pastors and ministries in growing their own assemblies. See www.gatn.org which provides an overview of GATN's mission, including its statement of faith. Programs profiled on the site include Bible conferences, personal ministry workshops, an aviation ministry and a television ministry.