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Author Evelyn Geisler Uses Exciting Mystery Fiction for Diabetes Education

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ENUMCLAW, Wash., Jan. 3 /Christian Newswire/ -- Diabetes affects 20.8 million people in this country (7% of the population). Another 54 million have pre-diabetes. Most people wouldn't take the time to read a pamphlet or listen to a seminar on the topic, but Pharmacist and Diabetes Educator Evelyn Geisler has overcome this kind of reluctance. She has created Claire Burton, a dynamic heroine who lives life in the fast lane as a female private investigator. Claire wears an insulin pump while she pursues criminals with the tenacity and insight of Lt. Colombo or Jessica Fletcher.

The second in the Claire Burton series, "Local Boy Makes Dead" is an exciting read complete with fascinating characters, wily and dangerous villains, and too-helpful family members who want to define the "perfect wedding" for Claire and her fiancé. The result is a great read with humor and pathos. The investigation leads her to an online counterfeit drugstore where Geisler also explores the dangers of imported drugs.

In the novel, Claire Burton deals with her health issues in a matter-of-fact manner:

We talked before about how some people become so used to the [insulin] pump that they forget to do some of the things they should. Dr. Clark said, "You said at the time you'd forgotten to change your basal rates and had other memory lapses." He scooted the stool closer. "I'm not trying to play the blame game here. I just need to know if anything else has come up that might cause you concern with pump usage?"

I could feel my shoulders slump. "I'll be honest. Things have been so hectic lately that I haven't been a good girl with the pump." I went on to tell him about my slip-ups.

"Again, I want you to understand there's no good-girl/bad-girl issue here. I just think it would be a good idea for you to break routine for a while and go back on injections. It wouldn't be forever." -- Chapter 24, "Local Boy Makes Dead"

In addition to owning her own pharmacy and completing her certification as a diabetes educator, Evelyn Geisler has written health columns for her local newspaper and published articles in Grit magazine. "Local Boy Makes Dead" is the second in the Claire Burton mystery series. The first novel, "The Canal Murder," was a local best-seller for 2006.

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