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Joe the Plumber, Meet Mad Mike

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PHILADELPHIA, October 23 /Christian Newswire/ -- It seems the time has come for middle America to speak up about the presidential election and speaking up is just what they are doing. As far back as September, the production for an ad campaign titled, "Mad Mike" was started and the release date was scheduled for October 27. However, with Joe the Plumber speaking so boldly to the presidential candidates and Americans in general, "Mad Mike" thought that now is the time for his message and Let Freedom Ring agreed. He is officially on the scene and Let Freedom Ring says, "Joe the Plumber, Meet Mad Mike!"

As part of its $5 million dollar, three-part radio and television spot campaign, Mad Mike has some very real concerns that he wants to talk to America about: starting a new business, prohibitive taxes and the fact that if one candidate is elected president, he will not start his business because he believes it would be doomed from the beginning. There are other "Mad" middle Americans whose testimony will be released this week.

Let Freedom Ring has produced and paid for the largest single ad campaign among outside advocacy groups in this year's presidential election cycle. Let Freedom Ring is also the organization that was responsible for the "Both Ways Barack" ad campaign and the first political ad ever to run on MTV reaching out to the 18-34 age group and first-time voters.

Let Freedom Ring and its president, Colin Hanna, continue to work hard to deliver messages that cut through the rhetoric that seems characteristic of most election ad campaigns.

The series of ads begins with "Common Sense Thinking." It is pure issue advocacy starting with "Common Sense Thinking on Energy" and "Common Sense Thinking on Union Elections."

Secondly is "Consequences" focusing attention on the consequences of a leftist takeover of our government affecting the White House, Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, perhaps achieving a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, which could then be followed by the appointment of left-leaning Justices to the Supreme Court.

Lastly, "Never Find Out" presents a fresh, new look unlike anything else in the realm of issue advocacy or political advertising. All spot buys include national cable and broadcast network advertising in addition to spot campaigns in key battleground states.

Many of the spots may be viewed at: