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Christian Author Produces Riptides on Male Sexual Abuse

Contact: Thomas Edward, Healing Broken Men, 425-466-0079

SEATTLE, Wash., Nov. 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- Mention the word "sex" in the Christian community and you're labeled dangerous. However say the word "male sexual abuse" and you'll be crucified. Thomas Edward, Christian author of Healing A Man's Heart understands this all too well. As the founder of the Healing Broken Men ministry he organizes and helps Christian men dealing with childhood sexual abuse to break free. With continual news of past and present child molestation and sexual abuse incidents in Catholic diocese and other religious communities we need helpful effective resources.

The lies that men are not victims, makes Thomas' fight even more difficult. In a time when his message is needed to help other men and boys (1 out of 5) who are suffering, Christian churches are turning a deaf ear to his plea to educate and advocate.

One in five chances that the man you work with, attend church with, or are friends with is living with a devastating secret: he was sexually abused or molested in childhood. He struggles emotionally, yet his wife, family, and friends are clueless. He's plagued by false guilt, shame, and unresolved grief. He fights a battle that he cannot win alone.

Thomas Edward knows first-hand the emotional pain associated with sexual abuse and neglect. He's frustrated that men are sitting in the pews ignored and hurting because leaders are afraid to address this issue. He understands what it's like to suffer in silence with nowhere to turn. Thomas also hosts a radio show on Seattle KGNW 820 Sunday nights called, "Break Free" where he discusses these taboo subjects enslaving Christians. "Helping Hearts find freedom!"

This Thanksgiving Weekend, Thomas hosts another Healing Broken Men retreat 11/26-28. Tom says, "I long for the day when churches, Celebrate recovery groups, Christian counseling groups, Christian media lovingly open their doors, instead of giving the cold shoulder. May God bless me to continue sharing my story to help inspire other Christian male survivors to find help. The secular arena has resources for male CSA survivors, why can't the Christian community?"

For more information about Thomas Edward, the Healing Broken Men retreats, or his radio show Break Free or to schedule an interview, contact him at contact@healingbrokenmen.com or www.healingbrokenmen.com.