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Catholic Advocacy Organizations Unite to Ask Catholic Politicians to Reject H.R. 3962

Contact: Dr. Deal Hudson, Executive Director, Catholic Advocate, hudsondeal@gmail.com; Lisa Correnti, Founder, OneNationUnderGod.org, ltcorrenti@onenationundergod.org

MEDIA ADVISORY, Nov. 6 /Christian Newswire/ -- Tomorrow's vote on healthcare reform is a defining moment for our Church and country. For our nation it will determine whether or not we will take a final step toward the culture of death that began with Roe v Wade in 1973. For our Church this vote represents a moment when politicians who profess to be Catholic will determine whether or not every American citizen will be forced to pay for terminating innocent human life.

The Catholic Church is clear about what the right decision must be--there is no wiggle room, there is no option other than to vote against this bill. H.R. 3962 puts the character of our nation at risk. When medical care is allowed to be hijacked by the ideological programs of the extreme left, not only will the innocent suffer and the elderly with incurable illnesses, but the heart of America, which has always been so generous towards those who suffer, will be hardened.

For the soul of our nation and the truth about human life as taught by our Catholic faith, we urge all Catholic members of Congress to vote against the procedural "Rule" vote tomorrow.