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Obama's Bathroom Bullies

Contact: Karen England, Privacy for All, 775-737-6616

SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 13, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- In its latest effort to create new law, the Obama administration is issuing a decree telling all public school districts to allow students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity, even if that is opposite of their biological gender.

"The Administration is equating gender identity with biological gender," said Karen England, spokesperson for Privacy For All.  "There is no basis in law or logic for doing this."

"The Department of Justice is not condemning sex separate facilities.  In fact sex separate bathrooms, showers and locker rooms are permitted.  According to the federal bathroom bullies, what is not permitted is labeling somebody as a boy or a girl," said England.

Privacy For All has consistently noted its compassion for those that believe that biology has betrayed them and they support reasonable accommodations for those that are not comfortable in traditional sex separated facilities.  But PFA opposes any effort that would result in unwanted exposure to or from a physically opposite person in public bathrooms, showers or locker rooms.

According to England, "PFA asks two questions: Is it ever appropriate for a biological male to be exposed to a female against her will?  Is it ever appropriate for a female to be forced to expose herself to a biological male against her will?  If you answer no to either or both of those questions, you cannot support this federal decree."

PFA also takes exception with these new laws being introduced in schools.  "There is enough discomfort for young boys and girls in public school locker rooms already.  Forcing them to share these facilities with physically opposite individuals is cruel.  And it is doubly cruel when we know that the President and other government officials have private bathrooms."