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Anti-Obama Anti-Abortion Protester Punched in the Face at Notre Dame Entrance

Young man punches man wearing Obama mask. Same mask to be worn on Good Friday protests at White House, Dallas TX, and Fort Wayne IN protest.

(Link below to see Mr. Daniel Lafree wearing the mask in Chicago protest on 4/7)

Contact: Randall Terry, 904-687-9804 

SOUTH BEND, Ind., April 9 /Christian Newswire/ -- At 10:00 a.m., Thursday, April 9, 2009 - twenty seven pro-life protestors gathered at the entrance of Notre Dame located at the corner of Notre Dame Ave and Angela.

Mr. Daniel Lafree, age 51, was wearing a costume "Obama mask." His hands and face were covered with "stage blood." (Bright red liquid for movies, plays, etc.)

Mr. Lafree held a sign stating: "Thank you for confirming me." He stood, holding the sign with one hand, waving to passer bys with his other hand.

At approximately 11:00 am, Mr. Lafree was struck in the face by a young man riding a bicycle. The man was momentarily detained by other protestors (who did not touch him, but surrounded him and his bike.) They spoke with him for approximately 15 minutes, and took his picture. He left the scene on his bike, before the police and campus security arrived. Mr. Lafree did not press charges.

Mr. Daniel Lafree states:

"Today, I was part of a peaceful and legal demonstration outside the main gate of Notre Dame University with Randall Terry's group, Operation Rescue Insurrecta Nex. 

"During the demonstration, obscenities were shouted at us, food was hurled at us, and I was personally punched in the face by a young man who was approximately 20 years old. I do not know if he was a Notre Dame student.

"I chose to not press charges. 

"I find it ironic that the supporters of President Obama speaking at the commencement preach 'tolerance,' and yet react to those of us exercising our first amendment rights with intolerance and violence."

Mr. Lafree may be reached for interview at: 574-532-4510.  See Mr. Lafree in action here.

White House Protest -- with 50+ protesters - including two men wearing the "Obama masks" with hands and face covered in stage blood -- at 12:00 noon, Good Friday, Lafayette Park, Northwest quadrant, protesting Mr. Obama's Notre Dame appearance.

Mr. Randall Terry can be reached at 904-687-9804

See plans at www.stopobamanotredame.com.