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The Need to Give Applies to Nonprofits Too

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PORTLAND, Oregon, June 6 /Christian Newswire/ -- American consumers continue to gather for themselves at an incredible rate. As a result, Americans cannot contain all they own in their own homes. In a recent Slate Magazine article entitled "Self-Storage Nation," Tom Vanderbilt reports "... the storage industry now exceeds the revenues of Hollywood. One in 11 American households owns self-storage space." Americans continue to gather for themselves, pay to store their possessions, and rarely or never visit their storage units after filling them.


This trend of accumulating versus giving is not surprising to Doug Pillsbury, Vice President of Transformational Giving at Mission Increase Foundation. "This accumulation of stuff does not actually make consumers happier." Pillsbury observes.


Recent studies have linked giving to happiness. A revealing study in the March 21 issue of Science concluded: "Money can buy happiness, at least when you spend it on others... in a 'pro-social' manner."


Pillsbury concurs. "I have worked closely with many generous people. Whether they give money or things, they are, almost without exception, happier and more grateful than those who choose not to give. Giving helps a person realize that material wealth is temporal; the money or possessions are not theirs, but God's."


While nonprofits welcomed the Science study, Pillsbury asserts that most missed the fact that this truth applies to them as well. "Many nonprofits make the same mistake and view fundraising as an opportunity to accumulate more money for their organizations," Pillsbury says. "They are eager to take something from donors rather than seizing the opportunity to disciple and give back to donors."


Pillsbury maintains that if nonprofits could apply this insight to themselves — that giving actually produces happiness —their relationships with donors would change dramatically.

"Jesus warns us in Luke 12 about building storage barns simply to accumulate more 'stuff,'" says Pillsbury. According to Pillsbury, too many nonprofits and foundations are doing just that, establishing endowments that in some cases reach billions of dollars, but only giving away a minuscule portion. 
"The fields are white for harvest now. It's time for the nonprofit and foundation community to put our money to work rather than keeping it in storage."
Mission Increase Foundation offers free training in CA, OR, WA, CO and AZ to help nonprofits cultivate this act of giving within their organizations and communities.


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