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Blue Sunday Day of Prayer and the Courage of One Boy

Contact: Janet Magee, 956-299-0564; www.bluesunday.org


MEDIA ADVISORY, March 30, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Blue Sunday founder Janet Magee releases the following and is available for comment:


April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. The last Sunday in April is called Blue Sunday Day of Prayer. It's the day when individuals and churches pray for the victims of child abuse and for those who rescue them. It's free. No membership - just prayer.


As the founder of Blue Sunday Day of Prayer I have to admit there were times I considered quitting. There were times when child abuse looked like Goliath and I was not feeling like David. 9 years ago this month I had such a moment.


In 2005 I was considering giving up my work with foster children after the death of my daughter and her baby. They died while I was speaking at a Blue Sunday Day of Prayer event in San Antonio Texas. I was devastated. I felt I had nothing left to offer foster children.


That was before Rico. I never helped Rico. In fact, the first time I heard of 15 year-old Rico was when I got a call from Child Protective Services asking if our agency, Blue Sunday, could provide the flowers and possibly ask a few other people to attend his funeral.


By the time I arrived at the chapel, our flowers were already there, a dozen brokenhearted Child Protective Services staff were there, the preacher was there, and Rico's brothers and sisters were there. Missing were his parents who were both serving long sentences in jail. They missed his battle with cancer, missed his death, missed his funeral and before that, they missed his life. Rico was a foster child.


Tears flowed as we heard how strong he had been during his battle with cancer. Never complaining or asking "why me", Rico never gave up. If a hospital visitor would tear up he would comfort them. Rico faced death without a mother or father to hold his hand, but he had a heavenly father who gave him an amazing measure of grace and peace.


As everyone listened to the preacher's promise of better days for Rico. His older sister frantically paced back and forth and even stepped outside to loudly and angrily respond to a phone call during the service. His younger siblings sat quietly under the watchful eyes of their different foster mothers.


I was humbled by all I witnessed that day. I couldn't help Rico, but hearing of his courage certainly helped me. I left his funeral with a renewed commitment to help foster children. There was nothing more to be done for Rico but there are over 6 million new Ricos entering the world of child abuse and neglect every year in the United States.


How can we look the other way? How can we let our own busy lives or our own wounds keep us from helping these children? God made it clear how He feels about these children. "Pure religion is this, to visit the orphans and widows in their affliction… James 1:27


By the grace of God we can make a difference. You can make a difference and it starts with prayer. Ask your church to pray on Blue Sunday, April 27th.


Pray for the victims of child abuse, pray for those who rescue them, and pray for ways to make a difference for abused children living in your own community. Register your church or organization at www.bluesunday.org.  


Join the millions of current Blue Sunday participants. Let's reach out to abused children with relief efforts and with the message that - better days are ahead.