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Unique Pro-life Podcast Now on Apple Podcasts
Contact: Mike Fichter, LoveX2, 317-965-6877, mike@lovex2.org
WASHINGTON, Ind., Oct. 16, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- A new pro-life podcast dedicated to promoting Christ-centered culture change is now available on Apple Podcasts. Hosted by author and speaker Mike Fichter, the LoveX2 podcast is the official podcast of a new pro-life organization called LoveX2 (pronounced Love Times Two).

"The LoveX2 podcast is all about the simple idea of making the world a better place for moms and babies. When you change the culture, the politics will follow," says Fichter. "Our goal is to change hearts and minds by engaging the culture on meaningful, thought-provoking topics, while steering away from the political rhetoric that turns so many people off."

The availability of the LoveX2 podcast on Apple Podcasts makes it simple for listeners to subscribe and never miss a single episode.

Current episodes now available include discussions on such topics as Down syndrome, scientific breakthroughs in understanding fetal development, prenatal genetic screening, and compassionate alternatives to abortion. The LoveX2 podcast is also unique through offerings such as its summer leadership series spanning multiple topics to help pro-life leaders become more productive.

Perhaps the most thought-provoking episode to date is "A Call for Civility" posted in September. The episode directly addresses the need for pro-life advocates to reject abrasive tactics employed by diverse sections of the social spectrum today. "Anger and incivility in public discourse is now rampant in our culture, and it's not Christlike," says Fichter. "It just felt necessary to issue a public call for civility. We'll never win hearts and minds by shouting people down."

Fichter, who has served in multiple pro-life leadership roles and has authored three books, including Life Saving Leadership, helped found the national LoveX2 organization in 2017 to fill a critical void in reaching American culture on the issue of abortion. "For too many people, especially millennials, the issue of abortion is seen as nothing but political," notes Fichter. "With so much emphasis on the political realm, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that the culture will determine the ultimate fate of the abortion issue. The politics will always follow where the culture is going."

To find the podcast, visit itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/lovex2-podcast/id1417366899?mt=2.
Learn more about LoveX2 on Facebook @LoveX2org or at its web site lovex2.org. Contact Mike Fichter at mike@lovex2.org.