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New Link Connecting Fateful 1492 Blood Moon to Friday's Eclipse
Contact: Tuly Weisz, 786-275-5904

JERUSALEM, Israel, March 19, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- This Friday's exceedingly rare solar eclipse has an astronomical relationship to the fateful 1492 Blood Moon, according to Root Source, in their second major revelation in recent days and as reported on www.BreakingIsraelNews.com.

"Friday's total solar eclipse is a direct descendant of an earlier eclipse that touched land in the New World during the middle of the 1492 Alhambra decree that ordered the expulsion of the Jews from Spain," said www.RootSource.com co-founder Bob O'Dell.

Eclipses run in families, referred to by NASA as the Saros cycle, which repeat every 18 years and 11 days. Root Source traced this Friday's unusual eclipse directly to an eclipse that took place in April 1492.

"If Friday's eclipse was referred to, say as Generation 30, then Generation 1 would have been the solar eclipse on April 26, 1492, right in between the signing of the Alhambra decree and the expulsion," explained O'Dell.

NASA has tracked the path of the solar eclipse of April 26, 1492, which occurred during Passover of that year. The eclipse began in the Pacific Ocean south of the equator and traveled northeast crossing the thin land bridge where, years later, the Panama Canal would be built.

After then clipping the very top of South America, the path of the 1492 solar eclipse headed southeast in the Atlantic Ocean very close to the shortest crossing point between South America and Africa.

"It is almost like it was a signpost being placed on earth for later generations to see, once the age of computers would arrive," O'Dell said.

"God could have been saying to the world, that yes, you can expel the Jews from Spain, but I am going to open up the Americas so they would have a place of refuge until their ultimate homeland was ready to receive them."

O'Dell, a devoted Christian from Austin, Texas, joined with Gidon Ariel, an Orthodox Jew living in Israel, to start www.RootSource.com, a site dedicated to teaching Christians about the Torah and Judaism.

Root Source is offering a free "Blood Moons 101" eBook and video course to prepare Christians for the upcoming solar eclipse and Blood Moons available at promotions.israel365.co.il/blood-moons-101-ebook.

Ariel noted the trajectory that Spain took following the expulsion of its Jewish residents. "History has shown that nations rise and fall based on how they treat the Jews, and Spain never recovered their previous glory after evicting the Jews."