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'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Producers Promise Pro-Life Group Never to Hire Malicious Lighting Crew Again
Contact: Timmerie Millington, Spokesperson, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, 909-496-9812, timmerie@survivors.la
LOS ANGELES, July 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- After Jimmy Kimmel's lighting crew burned Ryan Bueler, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust member, with high intensity commercial spotlights to dissuade him from sharing the pro-life message in front of Kimmel's studio, "Survivors" sent a letter to Jimmy Kimmel requesting a public apology for his lighting crew purposefully burning a teenager. 
Survivors waited a few days for an apology before taking action. Then over 100 Survivors held two peaceful demonstrations outside of Kimmel's home on June 30th and July 1st, requesting an apology and asking Kimmel to protect the right to free speech. 
Afterwards, the Survivors held another peaceful demonstration outside of Jimmy Kimmel Live studios on July 1st. Four "Survivors" secured free tickets to the live taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The Survivors requested an apology from Kimmel in the middle of his live show resulting in police escorting them out of the area. Teenagers Walter Gazave and Marissa Streett, and adults Beth Hockel and Brandi Swindell from Survivors were then handcuffed and detained for over an hour. 
In the meantime the rest of the Survivors stood at the boundaries of the outdoor taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live and chanted, "Let our people go." After much negotiation between Survivors and one of the producers for Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel's producers promised Rev. Patrick Mahoney and Joseph Slovenec that Jimmy Kimmel Live would never hire the assaulting light crew again and LAPD released the four handcuffed "Survivors."
Timmerie Millington, Survivors' spokesperson shares, "Today we celebrate our country's independence, and the right to free speech is one of our most cherished American values. Survivors refused to have their message oppressed and persevered in standing for the rights to "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" that are clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence. The Survivors defend life and liberty for preborn children in the womb, and will continue to do so despite the pressure to be silent."
Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust thank Mr. Kimmel for promising not to hire malicious lighting crew, and hope that Kimmel will always err on the side of free speech and the constitution. We hope those members of the lighting crew who assaulted Ryan Bueler will never attempt to silence anyone's right to free speech again.
For more information and interviews call: Timmerie Millington at (909) 496-9812
Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust is one of the leading pro-life youth activist organizations in the nation.