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Announcing Daily Web Prayer Meeting for America ? www.PrayDailyAmerica.com

Contact: Steve Krotoski, 877-804-9204; www.PrayDailyAmerica.com


MEDIA ADVISORY, October 20 /Christian Newswire/ -- Do you believe prayer can restore and strengthen God's ways like marriage, life and honor of God in America? If so, there is a new online daily prayer meeting at www.PrayDailyAmerica.com where you can get involved in a modern way.


Video prayer meeting host Steve Krotoski says, "Come any time each day and pray with us. God will hear us and restore righteousness in America when we pray". Referencing Matthew 6:33, Steve adds, "According to Jesus, the real issue in the election is seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness, including praying and voting for candidates who support traditional marriage and are pro-life".


Steve is the author of The Kingdom: Experiencing Heaven on Earth and provides confidence in prayer of Jesus' promises, including, "With God all things are possible" (Mark 10:27) and "The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much" (James 5:16).


www.PrayDailyAmerica.com has many ways for you to help, including a place to sign up for a daily prayer email and a new Prayerbook for America, where you can add your prayer online. The website and daily video prayer meeting are expanding and will include resources on timely articles, quotes about God in American history and other election issues - so invite your pastors, church and friends to come pray daily for America. You can also help by adding a link to www.PrayDailyAmerica.com at your web site or blogging about the prayer meeting.


Having pastored many years, Steve Krotoski is a friend to the whole church. He is a teaching specialist on walking closely with God and the Kingdom of God. As an inspiring and trusted speaker, Steve shares his own miraculous healing, financial and personal breakthroughs from God, including how God helped Steve run one of America's fastest growing Fortune 100 consulting firms. As Steve says, "God is good - Everything about God is good."